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Zohra Ashpari is a freelance contributor to TechHive and PCWorld. A native Californian and now New Yorker, she enjoys writing on indie games and on visual arts-related tech topics.

Cricket ZTE Chorus Review: A Simple Phone, but Good for Music

The ZTE Chorus is a decent buy if you're looking for an inexpensive music phone.

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Vampire Power Reality Check: What Tech Gear Sucks the Most?

We break down what tech gear costs you the most on your electric bill even when it's not actively being used.

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Tripp Lite's New Surge Suppressor Designed to Save Electricity

Maker says its Eco-Surge Suppressor's individual outlets can cut power and reduce wasteful electricity use.

Dish Network introduces Hopper and Joey High-Definition DVR System

Unique in name, Hopper and Joey is a DVR system that allows you to record up to six HD channels simultaneously.

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Holiday Gifts for the the Bores, Drones, and Brats on Your Gift List

From cockroach swatter slippers to bad breath detectors, these gift suggestions will give the naughty on your list something to crab about.

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Last-Minute Tech Shopper Gift Guide

Use our last-minute tech gift guide to find great digital gift ideas that you can get to any friend or relative almost immediately.

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PCWorld Staff Favorites of 2011

Here are the laptops, printers, phones, tablets, and other gear that the PCWorld editors really liked this year. Tell us if you agree with these top picks.

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A Closer Look at the PlayStation Vita Gaming Handheld

With mind-blowing colors, dual analog sticks, and a 3G/Wi-Fi component, Sony’s PlayStation Vita could be one of the most impressive mobile game devices yet. Here's a breakdown of the Vita's features.

Stocking Stuffers: 15 Great Tech Gifts Under $50

Are you holiday shopping for a tech lover or geek, but staying on a budget? We have 15 great suggestions ranging from LED belt buckles to remote-controlled zombies.

Panasonic Announces Two New Toughpad Tablets

Panasonic Toughpad A1 is expected to arrive in the Spring at a price starting at $1299.

6 Great Apps to Help You Manage Your Household

Can't remember what items your family needs from the grocery store or what days the kids' dental appointments fall on? These apps can help you keep everyone in your life on the same page.

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Where to Snag an iPhone 4S on Friday

If you didn’t preorder Apple’s new iPhone 4S, here are some tips to help you get your hands on Apple’s latest model ASAP.

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Arduino Strikes Again, This Time in Vintage Form

What's more awesome than a pinball machine? How about an Arduino-powered pinball machine alarm clock?

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