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Keyboard spacebar space bar

Synaptics thinks we want a touchpad on our spacebar

Synaptics said that the SmartBar is now available for purchase, and companies like Thermaltake are shipping keyboards based upon it.

Denon HEOS soundbar and subwoofer

Denon adds a sound-bar and subwoofer to its HEOS wireless multi-room audio lineup

New speakers from add a home-theater zone to HEOS networks.


Tidal launch

Jay Z tries to grow Tidal with a desktop app

Students can also get a discount on the paid music streaming service.

PCWorld News

Skype for gets updated design

The refresh improves the look of Microsoft's chat service on the web

istock 000024376893large

Cut the cord and leave cable TV behind

Don't be afraid to get rid of your cable. Streaming and download services will ensure that you don't miss any of your favorite shows or movies.

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Competition leads to plunging mobile, bandwidth prices in Africa

The growing use of Internet-enabled smartphones is whetting consumers' appetites for broadband products

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Prototype of HP's futuristic 'Machine' coming next year

The prototype will use DRAM, however, not the memristors eventually envisioned

linksys e8350 ac2400 router

Chipmakers giving home networks a gigabit boost

Broadcom, Marvell and Qualcomm are working on new chipsets.

origin beauty 1

Origin EON15-X review: You'll find a desktop CPU in this laptop, and that's a good thing

If you can't get your portable computing on with anything less than 4GHz, Origin PC has the answer: a laptop with a Devil's Canyon chip inside of it.

The Internet of Things and the currency of privacy

Getting ready to check the "agree" box on that User Agreement? Read this first.

PCWorld News

FBI calls for new wiretap law covering social media

Terrorist recruiters are increasingly turning to social networking tools to gain new converts

quanta compute plug

Quanta's Compute Plug is a Windows 10 PC in a wall wart

Small-form-factor PCs like the Quanta Compute Plug and the Foxconn Kangaroo have an 'anything goes' air about them, as we wait for Windows 10.

skype logo open graph

Microsoft stamps out Skype-crashing bug

New fix will let Windows, iOS, Android users regain access to app if they were previously locked out

AMD's HDMI-compatible FreeSync display teases buttery-smooth gaming for the masses

Variable refresh rate technology has so far been limited to high-end monitors with DisplayPort connections, but at Computex, AMD revealed a FreeSync monitor running over HDMI.

google touch search chrome

New touch-to-search feature brings rapid search to Chrome for Android

You can now quickly tap into Google's search prowess for individual words and phrases.