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zuck pride

Tech throws its weight behind same-sex marriage ruling ... with rainbows and emojis

Companies are voicing support for the U.S. Supreme Court ruling across social media. Facebook has even released a filter for overlaying a rainbow on profile pictures.

Former Qualcomm exec sentenced for insider trading

Jing Wang orchestrated a multi-year insider trading scheme while a top official at the company, the DOJ says.

apple watch mickey mouse

AppleCare+ offers easier battery replacements for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more

Apple device owners can get their iPhone, iPad or Watch replaced if it stays below 80 percent battery capacity.

PCWorld News

Zambia adopts e-procurement system to curb corruption

The country joins a growing list of African nations using automated systems to fight corrupt bidding practices

oneplus two

OnePlus 2 unveil set for July 27 with virtual reality showcase

It's another strange marketing move from OnePlus, which is trying to gain credibility while also hold onto its edge.

Fallout 4 primary

This week in games: Man buys Fallout 4 with bottle caps, The Rock's in Rampage, and more

Plus Destiny tries to get you to drink sugar water, Project CARS 2 is a thing that exists, and...someone recreated the intro to PBS show Arthur in GTA V?

030215 fcc net neutrality tom wheeler

FCC's Wheeler defends net neutrality rules, discounts investment fears

Several broadband providers have announced expansions since the FCC passed the regulations, Wheeler says

fivetotry june26 lead

Five to Try: Microsoft Office hits phones, and Geometry Wars 3 is a blast

Work, play, and prospective dog friends: our roundup of new Android apps has it all.


fortnite 4

Fortnite hands-on: Epic's new PC-exclusive shooter is like twelve games in one

Part Minecraft, part DayZ, part Gears of War—Epic's new game is a katamari wrapped up in other games.

PCWorld News

Google Cloud Platform provides a home for cloud code

Google Cloud Platform users can now store their code in the same environment in which it is run

google drive logo

Google Drive for Android update lets you share, download multiple files at once

The collaboration interface gets a nice cleanup, with less clutter when sending a file with others.

PCWorld News

Software developers are failing to implement crypto correctly, data reveals

Lack of specialized training for developers and crypto libraries that are too complex lead to widespread encryption failures

PCWorld News

Dutch court wants expert to hunt Facebook's systems for lost revenge porn data

A Dutch court won't take Facebook's word it has deleted data that could identify the person behind a now-deleted pseudonymous account from which a sex tape was posted, and wants the company to allow an independent expert to scour its systems for the missing information.