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ARM seen making rapid progress on next high-end chip

ARM is in the advanced stages of developing a top-line processor to succeed the Cortex-A72.

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SAP journeys to simplicity, but customers still live in a complex world

In a world where enterprise software is anything but simple, SAP is betting its future on a different approach

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This week in games: Assassin's Creed Syndicate revealed, texting while driving simulator, and more

Plus: Is The Witcher 3 here yet? Not quite, but a slick new trailer is.

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Intel releases beta drivers for the Surface 3, allowing Windows 10 to be installed

The Surface 3 was just released, but it's not yet ready to run Windows 10 as Intel is still working on the drivers. Update: they're out.

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European mobile operators seemingly divided over sanity of blocking ads

A plan to put pressure on Google by strangling its all-important ad revenue has come under fire

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Google Play's 'Designed for Families' selection is likely to go live at I/O conference

Google wants developers to submit their family-friendly apps to the Play Store by May 28, a day before I/O opens, hinting at a major launch announcement tied to the show.


LG returns to Windows Phone with a whimper

Three years after swearing off Microsoft's mobile platform, LG is back with a budget handset for Verizon Wireless.

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Oculus Rift's recommended PC specs are steep, but surprisingly reasonable

It takes a lot of horsepower to drive the Oculus Rift's dual 2160×1200 displays at 90 frames per second, but not as much as expected.

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Five to Try: Microsoft's Hyperlapse video app, and Snake Rewind revives a mobile classic

Here's a fresh batch of Android apps and games to explore this week.

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Chromecast gets four more TV network apps; here's what it still needs

Google's streaming video dongle has the support of most major streaming services, though it still has a handful of blind spots.

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Watch the road, Google's self-driving cars will soon hit the streets of California

A "safety driver" will be onboard and will use a removable steering wheel to take over if there are any mishaps


Samsung Wallet shutting down June 30 to make way for Samsung Pay

The new mobile payments service is designed to work anywhere that accepts debit and credit cards.

Corsair Dominator DDR4 128GB

RAM for the rich and nerdy: 128GB DDR4 memory kits become reality

DDR4 promised higher capacities than DDR3 and the time is finally here: Corsair and Kingston have announced 128GB RAM kits.