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RealSense smartphone

Intel's five (not very) big announcements from IDF this week

Intel's annual developer conference focused on robots and the Internet of Things, with new processors taking a back seat

Intel Ready Mode skylake

In the future, 'Hey Cortana' will actually wake up your Windows 10 PC

Intel is helping enable "wake on voice" technology via a special low-power state and audio technology built into Skylake and Windows 10 PCs.

150819 samsung apple court appeal

Samsung to appeal Apple patent loss to Supreme Court

Samsung Electronics plans a last-ditch appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for infringing Apple patents, but the chances of success don't appear high.

Deep Space Industries

Start-up eyes mining asteroids for space colonies

From a nondescript office on the edge of the Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley, Deep Space Industries is plotting a futuristic scheme to locate asteroids, check them out and then send in mining spacecraft to strip them of their minerals.

UK government inks fresh deal with Oracle

The Crown Commercial Service revealed that it has just signed a new, three-year deal with the software vendor.

windows 10 build 10122 start menu

How to change Windows 10's default apps

Not feeling the love for Windows 10's default apps for music playback, web browsing, and so on? You can change them without breaking a sweat.


Report: Android-powered BlackBerry Venice coming to all four carriers in November

This is the most detailed leak yet about when you may be able to get your hands on this mystery device.

Inside Ames: Asteroid mining could pave way for space colonies

Deep Space Industries is a startup with an ambitious, futuristic goal: locate asteroids, check them out and then send in mining spacecraft to extract their materials for use in orbit.


Gearbox officially, for real, secures Duke Nukem rights from 3D Realms

Luckily this lawsuit didn't drag on as long as Duke Nukem Forever's development cycle.

Microsoft buddies up to Docker with Windows Server Containers

Microsoft has released a technical preview of the first publically available version of Windows Server Containers, which will be built into Windows Server 2016, the next version of Microsoft's operating system for servers.

androidauto f0864

Android Auto update adds home screen tweaks and expanded notifications

The version 1.2 update also drops in a new background image and fixes some performance issues.

Why big data isn't always the answer

While most analytics tools are set up for quantified information it's often the unstructured data that provides the context and the meaning companies need to make that information useful.


Report: Verizon may not support Samsung Pay

There are indications Big Red won't get on board with Samsung's payments scheme, which would be a major blow to those with the newest Galaxy devices.

unknown 1

Report: Force Touch Stylus could turn iPad Pro into a serious sketching tool

The pressure-sensitive pen would be an optional feature in Apple’s long-rumored larger tablet, now expected to begin production in September or October.