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Koto cube sensor

Koto smart sensors could help you improve your indoor environment

These tiny devices use a raft of sensors to deliver actionable insights about your surroundings.


aspire z3 700

Acer reveals all-in-one Windows 10 PC with 5 hour battery backup

For users inclined to carry their desktops around the house, Acer has unveiled a light-weight all-in-one that offers 5 hours battery backup.


Apple draws cloudy line on use of root certs in mobile apps

Apple's removal of several apps from its mobile store on Thursday shows the challenges iOS developers can face when app guidelines shift.


LIFX slashes the price tag on its Wi-Fi color LED bulbs

$40 price cut closes the price gap with Philips A19 Hue Color.



Android 6.0 review: A small but significant bump for the world's dominant OS

All the big changes happened in Lollipop. Now it's Marshmallow's turn is to show the world how useful and personal Android can be.


microsoft excel logo primary

Excel Boolean logic: How to sift spreadsheet data using AND, OR, NOT, and XOR

Boolean logical operators in Excel formulas make searching easier, and you can apply the same methods in Internet or database searches.

chromecast tips mirror your screen 7

8 nifty Chromecast tricks for Android and iOS users

Controlling your new Chromecast also goes beyond the Chromecast app itself. There are dozens of Android and iOS apps that'll work hand-in-hand with Chromecast. All you need to know is which button to tap. Learn how to find videos with your voice, "cast" your screen to your TV, share your Chromecast with guests, and more.

Tesla S autopilot features to arrive October 15th

Version 7 of Tesla's software package brings with it several autopilot features, but fully autonomous vehicles aren't quite ready...yet.

xbox controller dongle

This dongle brings Xbox One Wireless Controller support to Windows 10

A $25 USB add-on will let you use your Xbox One controller with your Windows games, and it's only days away.

gear vr demo 4

Hulu to introduce its own VR app next month

Hulu joins Netflix in offering an app for the Gear VR headset, and is among the first of what will surely be many VR apps to come from content providers.

new xbox experience 9

Microsoft's New Xbox One Experience brings Windows 10 onto the console—with Cortana

The New Xbox One Experience began touching down on testers' consoles this week, including ours. Here's our first look, together with a hidden feature: Cortana.

dell chromebook 13 chrome logo

These secret tools reveal the hidden corners of your Chromebook's storage

That paltry hard drive can fill up fast, even on a computer built around cloud storage. Here's how to keep tabs on your space and make some needed room if you need it.

pcwdigitaledition primary oct15

PCWorld's October Digital Edition: Intel Skylake

Enjoy the best of in a curated Enhanced Edition for Android, iOS, and Kindle, or in a PDF Replica Edition.

asus gx700 gaming laptop

Asus GX700 deep-dive: Here's what's inside the world's first water-cooled gaming laptop

This water-cooled laptop doesn't leak. We know, we tried.

Asus RT-AC88u rear

Asus' gamer-centric RT-AC88U packs more ethernet ports than any other 802.11ac router

The new router, designed to appeal to gamers, features an 8-port gigabit switch.

Hands on with Asus' water-cooled GX700 gaming laptop

Want your gaming laptop to be cooler than your friend's? How about being water cooler?