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fivetotry feb5 lead

Five to Try: Lost in Harmony is a rhythmic adventure, and Jukely puts you on the guest list

Load up on the week's most intriguing new Android apps and games.


samsungveinpanent 2

You're so vein: Samsung files a patent for a vein-scanning smartwatch

It's actually not that weird. Rather than using your fingerprint, this technology merely recognizes you by your vein structure.

google play store

PSA: Android app video promos take center stage in the Google Play Store

Google's new trick for more app installs is a nudge to watch an app's promotional video right from the Play Store's main page.

the list ditch texting line main image

10 reasons to ditch SMS for over-the-top messaging apps

All the cool kids are using Line and WhatsApp. What’s your excuse?

PCWorld Show Episode 2: VAIO's New Windows Phone

PCWorld's Gordon Mah Ung, Florence Ion and Jon Phillips discuss the significance of the new Windows Phone release from VAIO.

lg g5 invite

LG G5 to debut on February 21st, going head-to-head with Galaxy S7

Thanks to some wacky invites we know it's going to be a big day for new phones in just a couple of weeks.

android wear update

Android Wear update brings speaker support, new gestures, and voice features to messaging apps

The new features could make it more likely you'll leave your phone in your pocket next time you take a call or respond to a text.

bing for android

Bing for Android overhauled with splashy interface and more local suggestions

The update follows a similar revamp of the iOS app, which is designed to make Bing a friendly destination on mobile devices.

samsung dashlane

The best password manager on Android

You really need to be using a password manager, and Dashlane is currently at the top of the heap.


adblock samsung

Google yanks new ad-blocking app from the Play Store

AdBlock Plus used new APIs from Samsung to banish ads in its browser, but Google wasn't too hip with the innovation.

google play music 100592958 primary.idge

Google Play Music starts rolling out podcasts to the Android app

Once it goes live on your device, you'll be able to browse and listen to a wide range of different podcasts.

swiftkey neural

Microsoft confirms SwiftKey buy, says it will continue developing Android, iOS apps

Microsoft is buying SwiftKey, the developer of a popular software keyboard for Android and iOS phones -- even though it already has its own software keyboard, Word Flow.

doze vs standby primary

How Doze and App Standby finally fixed Android battery life in Marshmallow

Google followed through on its promise to address battery life in Android 6.0.


PCWorld Show Episode II: Tanking tablets, the SwiftKey acquisition, and the new Windows phone

In this week's episode of the PCWorld Show, we ponder why PCs are killing tablets, why Microsoft would buy SwiftKey, why anyone would make a new Windows phone, and why we love (or hate) USB-C.

samsung project beyond 3d camera 1

Report: Samsung Gear 360 VR camera to accompany Galaxy S7 launch

Samsung's head-first jump into virtual reality continues with a new gadget that could help fill the VR content gap.


Xiaomi says US Mobile sold its phones without permission

The carrier has since backed off, but not before selling at least some of the phones through its online store.

150817 google marshmallow 03

Google fixes critical Wi-Fi and media-processing flaws in Android

Google has patched thirteen new vulnerabilities in Android, two of which could allow attackers to take control of Android devices located on the same wireless network.