Don't-Miss Android Stories

asus router app

Asus Router app lets you manage your network from your pocket

Asus's Router app for Android and iOS is one network management utility you can actually get excited about.

project tango phone announced lenovo google

Lenovo and Google announce plans for first consumer Project Tango phone by this summer

First Project Tango phone will be smaller than 6.5 inches, cost less than $500 and feature multiple cameras.

nextbit 0465

Nextbit Robin is launching soon—here’s what to expect

We’ve got the details on the official packaging, the almost-final hardware, and when you can expect to buy the phone.

huawei honor 5x selfie

Honor 5X is an Android phone made for millennials

Not only does the phone offer plenty of bang for you buck, but it also offers a fun camera mode called “perfect selfie.”

Huawei's Honor 5X is made for millennials

The "perfect selfie" mode ensures that every photo of yourself you take is enhanced to make you look great.

letv lemax pro

LeTV's LeMax Pro is the first Android phone of the year to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820

But don’t get too excited: the phone won’t be available in the U.S. for quite some time.

Hands-on with the LeMax Pro, the first phone to ship with the Snapdragon 820

LeTV's new phone is the first to market with Qualcomm's new high-end chip, fingerprint sensor, and 802.11ad Wi-Fi.

polaroid smartphone

Shake it like a Polaroid...smartphone? Iconic company unveils two Android phones

The Polaroid Snap and Power are coming in the spring, priced at $250 or less for the various models.

priv 0201

BlackBerry is all about Android in 2016

BlackBerry is shelving the BlackBerry 10 in 2016 in favor of one, and maybe two, new Android devices.

android tv

Google reveals new partnerships for Android TV, Google Cast platforms

New speakers and receivers from B&O Play, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Philips, Pioneer, and Raumfeld will be ready to stream all your favorite tunes and video.

honor 5x

The Honor 5X is a mid-tier Chinese smartphone wrapped in high-end clothing

Huawei's hipper gadget brand has also announced a budget smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS.

Huawei’s top 3 reveals from CES 2016

Huawei’s big CES reveals included a big high-end 10-inch tablet, a blinged-out smartwatch with Swarovski crystals, and the Mate 8 phone (which isn’t coming to the U.S. anytime soon).

zte avidplus 0281

ZTE takes the cheap road with the Grand X 3 and Avid Plus

Both Android-powered smartphones are under $150, and ZTE's hoping they'll sell well enough to keep them in the top spot for low-end marketshare.

huawei ces 2016 0376

Hands-on: Huawei’s MediaPad M2 10.0 might give Samsung’s Tab S2 a run for its money

We also went hands-on with Huawei’s elegant Jewel Watch and its international flagship, the Mate 8.

gears2 goooold 0315

Samsung announces two sexy new finishes for the Gear S2

The Tizen-powered smartwatch now comes in 18-karat rose gold or platinum.


Facebook intentionally crashed its Android app to test user loyalty, report says

The effort was part of contingency planning in case the social network was ever kicked out of the Google Play Store.

img 1335 edit

Report: Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will feature microSD slot, water resistance, and beefier battery

The return of expandable storage might win over those put off by Samsung's decision to nix it with the Galaxy S6 line.

mediapad m2 10 2

Huawei announces a gold Nexus 6P and high-end, 10-inch Android tablet

The China-based Android manufacturer also announced a mid-tier smartphone in part of a larger plan to woo the U.S. market.