Don't-Miss Android Stories

Nokia picks a fight with Samsung on Twitter

Here's where "break me off a piece of that" becomes an insult.


New Fonepad and Memo Pad tablets from Asus

Asustek on Wednesday announced new tablets with different screen sizes, adding new 6-inch and 7-inch models to its Fonepad lineup and also two new 8- and 10-inch Memo Pad tablets.


Duly noted: Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet

The Galaxy Note 10.1 feels like a revised version of last year's predecessor, with new internals, a new body, and better camera sensors.


Note 3

Here we go again: Samsung announces another huge phone with the Galaxy Note 3

The huge phone-tablet hybrid sports a 5.7-inch screen, a quad-core processor, and 4K video shooting capabilities.


Google posts, and pulls, video that may have revealed the Nexus 5

At first it seemed like a carefully planned leak, but Google may have accidentally jumped the gun.


Staycation, all the apps I ever wanted

Everyone loves a long weekend, and these apps can help you make the most of it by finding great activities, events, meals, and hotels in your city.


Lookout Antivirus & Security review: Basic protection for your Android phone

Don't let your sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.


Second-gen Nexus 7 still plagued by multitouch issues after software update

If issues persist, early adopters may have to live with faulty hardware.


5 Android mail apps for the Gmail-weary

Maybe a new app will help you wrangle those massive piles of email.


8 essential mobile apps for college students

No need to haul your laptop to class! These killer apps let you take better notes, keep all your important files handy, and even save money by renting textbooks instead of buying.

Report: Android product head Hugo Barra to leave Google

Barra heads for greener pastures at Chinese handset manufacturer, Xiaomi, but what will that mean for Android?


Moto X to be available at all major carriers "in days"

Motorola's Moto X devices will become widely available within days.


Google slowly rolling out update to address Nexus 7 multitouch issue

No, that's not a ghost touching your screen—those phantom double taps and presses you may have been experiencing with your new Nexus 7 tablet are a software issue that Google is rolling out an update for today.


Christmas comes early for artists with new Wacom iPad stylus and tablet

Wacom on Tuesday surprised artists around the globe with a foray into the pressure-sensitive iPad stylus market along with its own mobile tablet solution based on the Cintiq line.

Shut up about Android fragmentation already

Android's biggest problem is completely blown out of proportion.