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Report: Facebook, YouTube and Apple Music are the most popular apps of 2015

According to Nielsen, Facebook and Google rule the mobile world, and Apple Music is more popular than we thought.

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Google Play Services 8.4 gives developers more detailed sharing features, game optimization tools

This new churn prediction method gives developers more information about when people are ditching out on their gaming session.

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Survive your trip to grandma's house with your Android phone and these apps

Stave off the boring conversation, questionable food, and terrible Christmas movies with this assortment of Android apps and gear.


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Play the holiday season away with these festive Android games

Grab these new and updated games while they're decked out with seasonal spirit.


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5 Chrome for Android features you want to know about

Add Chrome tabs to the "overview" screen, search the web for images, instantly share snippets of text, search Google without leaving the current page, and more.

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Five to Try: Scribblenauts Unlimited offers open-ended fun, and Habitica gamifies your to-do list

One last look at the latest Android apps and games before 2016 rolls around.


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Facebook Messenger debuts 'Photo Magic' feature, festive animations for holiday fun

Messenger will attempt to recognize the people in a picture you want to share and suggest who to send it to.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai may launch an online poll to name Android N

Nutella? Nougat? Nestle? You may have a say in what Google calls the next release of Android.

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10 ways your phone will save your butt this holiday season

‘Tis the season to be grateful that you have a smartphone.


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Microsoft delves deeper into Android with directory app for its own apps

Microsoft delved even deeper into providing software for Android on Thursday with the launch of Microsoft Apps, a new application that gives users of Google's operating system a one-stop shop to find apps like Word, Cortana and Bing.

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Microsoft Translator now brings your smartwatch into the conversation

Translations bounce back and forth from an iOS or Android watch to a phone with the updated Microsoft Translator app.


Androidify app throws in some holiday cheer with ugly sweaters and Nexus phones

You'll find plenty of new accessories and clothing options to give your robot some zany style.

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Facebook's quick-loading Instant Articles come to Android

With top publishers like The New York Times and The Atlantic, articles will load almost instantly since they're stored on Facebook's servers.

htc x9

Upcoming HTC One X9 gets full reveal with leaked images and video

HTC clearly took some design inspiration from the Nexus 6P, building its own camera visor on the back.

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8 apps to help you take the stress out of holiday travel

Traveling during the holidays—or any time, really—is stressful enough. Here are some apps that can help.