Don't-Miss Android Stories

microsoft translate

Microsoft Translator now translates text from images, increases language support

If you're running Marshmallow, the app can find and translate text directly without the need to hop over to Microsoft's app.

google keep android

Google Keep gets cozier with Chrome, lets you sort notes by hashtags

A reorganization of the menu options should make it faster to change a note's colors or add a custom label.


Facebook Messenger adds group voice calls

Now you and 49 of your closest friends can have a free, voice call on Facebook Messenger.

01 android n

Android N: All the little things in Google's latest version

Take a quick tour of what’s new in the developer preview of Android N.


1 google inbox

Google's Inbox puts organizing skills to work with links, newsletters, and events

Along with the refreshed Android and iOS apps, there's a new Chrome extension to save links directly to Inbox.

160420 google android

Europe charges Google over Android licensing conditions

The European Commission has alleged demands by Google on phone makers regarding its Android operating system are anti-competitive.

samsung pink gold

Samsung shows off 'pink gold' Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

It seems no flagship phone line is complete without some type of pink option.

margrethe vestager

Europe files antitrust charges against Google over Android's licensing requirements

The European Commission on Wednesday made new antitrust charges against Google, alleging that the company foisted its search application and the Chrome browser on Android smartphones makers as a condition to license its other apps and services.

android wear to do

Boost your productivity with Android Wear time managers

Get motivated and finish those pesky tasks with these wrist-friendly apps that will give you a gentle nudge.



Google: Android security is stronger than ever

The company scanned 6 billion apps per day in the last year as part of its effort to secure Android's far-flung landscape.

google camera

Google Camera 3.2 lets you snap pictures while recording video

The update also makes several interface improvements, though it's only for Nexus devices.

google play store

Five things Google can do to fix the Play Store

Google's digital storefront is lovely, but there are some areas the company could shore up for an even smoother experience.


play music podcasts

Podcasts are now on the air in Google Play Music

Similar to how the service curates music, Google Play will recommend podcasts based on what you feel like hearing.

google drive android

Google Drive for Android 2.4 update gets smarter about uploads, adds folder colors

Your colorful folders will finally sync over to Android, which should make all your work easier to organize and find.

moto g4 leak

Report: Moto G4 and G4 Plus images reveal fingerprint sensor and redesign

Lenovo's first move in unveiling new Moto phones may be to finally jump aboard the fingerprint reader bandwagon.

margrethe vestager

Europe's digging into Google’s contracts with phone makers and operators

The European Commission is still investigating whether Google’s Android operating system and Amazon’s contracts with e-book publishers have broken antitrust rules, its Competition Commissioner said Monday in Amsterdam.