Don't-Miss Android Stories

pixel c hands on 01

Hands-on impressions of the Pixel C, Google's answer to the Surface and iPad Pro

Google's new tablet isn't a Nexus, and it's ready for serious work. But will that keyboard suffice?

google new logo primary

Here's what we expect Google to announce on September 29

Not one but two new Nexus phones? A new Chromecast? The final release of Android Marshmallow? Google could do it all tomorrow.


The Blackphone 2 front and back

Silent Circle's privacy-centric Blackphone 2 launches with full Play Store support

The Blackphone 2 is designed to meet the management and security needs of enterprises, while not alienating workers who will end up using it for their personal affairs as well.

google play store

Google's Android deals could invite U.S. antitrust scrutiny

A joint DOJ-FTC investigation of Google's Android licensing deals may be in the offing.


BlackBerry confirms Android-powered Priv phone coming later this year

BlackBerry's rumored 'Venice' phone now has an official name, but not much else in the way of official details.

android m lock screen

Google plans a press event for September 29th, hints at Android Marshmallow release

Google isn't saying what it'll announce, but all indications point toward Android Marshmallow, new Nexus phones, and a revamped Chromecast.

mobile security stock image one bad device

Windows devices account for 80% of malware infections transmitted via mobile networks

Microsoft may have just a single-digit slice of the mobile market, but there's one segment of mobile it's winning: Malware infections delivered via mobile networks.

angry android

Report: New hack lets an attacker bypass password-locked Android home screens

You can protect yourself with a PIN or pattern, but it's another example of why all manufacturers need to get on board with monthly updates.

moto x pure edition

Some Verizon customers unable to activate their Moto X Pure Edition

Verizon is no stranger to issues with unlocked devices, though the company pledges a quick fix.

android apps change notification settings 6

6 ways to take control of your Android apps

You’ve got a lot more power over your Android apps than you might think. Learn how to manage an app's stored files, clean out its temporary storage "cache," keep an app from adding a shortcut on your home screen, and more.


Microsoft buys popular Android lock-screen app maker

Microsoft recently added a new lock-screen app to its stable of Android applications when it acquired the makers of Echo Notification Lockscreen.


Cyanogen chief plans to integrate Cortana, calling Windows Phone 'dead'

Though Cyanogen chief executive Kirt McMaster believes Windows Phone is a dead OS, he plans to take its Cortana digital assistant and integrate it deep into the Cyanogen OS.

Project Fi Google Wireless Service

Report: Project Fi works with Moto X Pure Edition (sort of)

There are a few caveats, but perhaps Project Fi will expand beyond the oversized Nexus 6.

android pay

The new Android Pay app offers a sneak peek at support for loyalty programs, special offers

Google's new payment method may do a lot more than just let you pay for groceries with your phone.