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google nearby primary

How Google Nearby works, and how you can take advantage of it

Google makes it easy for your phone to link with other phones in close proximity, but not many apps make use of the feature.


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DynaOptics promises a better lens for smartphone photography

A Silicon Valley startup says it's developed a better lens for smartphone photography -- one that produces clearer images without the distortion often seen in photos from competing lenses.

Can this tiny lens really deliver better smartphone photos?

DynaOptics says its proprietary freeform lens will result in better smartphone images. We tested it out.

google nearby

Google's Nearby will soon trigger notifications to apps, websites, and more

The location-based tool may help you download a boarding pass app at the airport or an audio tour during a trip to the museum.

fivetotry june10 lead

Five to Try: Opera debuts a new kind of browser, and PKTBALL is touch tennis done right

Itching for some fresh apps and games? Here are our latest Play Store picks.


Motorola OneCompute

Hands on: The OneCompute Moto Mod could turn your Android phone into your PC

Motorola's OneCompute could be the best solution we've seen yet for bringing Android to the desktop. And if this prototype Moto Mod looks a lot like Windows 10's Continuum to you, you know why Microsoft might be nervous.

messages icon

Report: Apple to announce iMessage for Android at WWDC

Such a move would only make sense if Apple plans to integrate some type of revenue-generating services into the platform.

phab2pro 1583

Hands-on with Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro: The world's first Tango phone is big, bulky, and super neat

The Phab 2 Pro won't fit in your pocket, but you'll forget about that once you dive into its augmented-reality wonders.

motoz event 1593

Hands on with Moto Z and Moto Z Force: Not all modular smartphones are bad ideas

Motorola's new flagship phones have renewed our faith in mobile modularity. It also helps that they're incredibly stylish devices.

the list texting danger primary

10 reasons not to text and walk at the same time

The second you look down at your phone, the world turns on you.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: A first look at the first Project Tango phone

This is simply way too cool to put down.

First look: Moto Z and Moto Z Force modular smartphones

Modular smartphones that are functional and stylish? Check out how Motorola lets you upgrade the Moto Z for better sound, longer battery life, and built-in projection.

facebook 360 degree photos

Facebook just made sharing 360-degree photos with your phone a reality

Facebook now converts your panoramas into '360 photos' that you can view with a VR headset.

moto z press

Motorola: Other modular phones have 'completely failed'

Moto executives proclaimed the Moto Z to be metaphysical perfection, while promising modules will be forward compatible.

looking at solar system v01 smaller 2

Lenovo planning new AR, VR devices with Google's Project Tango

Lenovo will build more virtual and augmented reality devices after its new Phab2 Pro smartphone, and virtual reality headsets may be high on that list.

15 phab2 pro color option gs

Lenovo's $499 Phab2 Pro will be the first Google Project Tango AR smartphone

Lenovo's new Phab2 Pro, developed with Google, brings augmented reality to smartphone screens without the need for a headset.

project fi nexus primary blurred

Project Fi is expanding its coverage with addition of U.S. Cellular

While it’s not a major carrier, the network could help in some areas where T-Mobile and Sprint aren’t up to snuff.

google play store

Report: Google planning to one-up Apple with new Play Store revenue model

Google Play will switch to the same 85/15 cut with subscription content, but unlike Apple won't require a one-year wait.