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pokemon go impressions lead

Gotta catch 'em all: 5 facts that prove Pokémon Go is eating the world

Pokémon Go is less than a week old, but it's already caught the fascination of Android and iOS smartphone owners the world over.

qualcomm snapdragon logo

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 is its fastest mobile chip yet

A mobile chip faster than the one in flagship smartphones like Samsung's Galaxy S7 and LG's G5 will start appearing in handsets this quarter.

xperiazperf  7

Sony Xperia X Performance review: You deserve a lot more phone for $700

Seriously, Sony? The Xperia X Performance performs well enough, but it's absolutely not worth its outrageous price tag.

5 handy mobile dropbox tips scan documents from camera 1

5 handy mobile Dropbox features you need to try

Scan receipts directly from Dropbox, create and edit Office files, trade comments with collaborators, and more.Dropbox app with a passcode.

google my activity

How to find out everything Google knows about you in the new My Activity dashboard

Google has consolidated the data it has on you into an easy-to-use interface to find, browse through, or delete your digital history.

nexus phones

Android device updates: Nexus July updates roll out, AT&T Galaxy S6 Active getting Marshmallow

The OnePlus 3 is getting an OxygenOS update that squashes a number of bugs and fixes many performance issues.

local guides android

Google is dropping the Local Guides Drive reward from 1TB to 100GB

You have until July 21 to unlock the 1TB of storage by reaching level four, which requires a hefty batch of contributions.


Facebook brings end-to-end encryption to Messenger with ‘secret conversations’

Facebook Messenger now has an encrypted messaging tool, but it doesn't come close to covering all your conversations on the messaging platform.

fivetotry july8 lead

Five to Try: Pokémon Go offers active adventure, and ASAP Launcher lives up to its name

Here's a stack of new games and apps for your Android phone.


android weather

Google Now's weather card adds hourly wind and precipitation details

There's more color and detail to be found if you want to check in with Google about the day's weather forecast.

huaweii android wear 3

Report: Google is building a pair of Android Wear watches

The new wristwear may include deep ties to the Google Assistant and carry the company's Nexus branding.

oneplus 3 tips primary

10 tips to make your OnePlus 3 the best phone it can be

A more fulfilling OnePlus 3 experience is just a few steps away.


now on tap translation

Google Now on Tap extends its reach to barcodes, translation, and QR codes

Your comparison shopping may soon get a lot easier with all of the new content discovery tools that are on their way.

150817 google marshmallow 06

Google fixes over 100 security flaws in Android, many in chipset drivers

Google released a new batch of Android patches, fixing over 20 critical flaws in Android's own components and in chipset-specific drivers from different manufacturers.

snapchat memories ios

Snapchat launches Memories so you can save and search for past stories

With this new feature, the popular photo-sharing app hopes to become your default camera roll.