Don't-Miss Android Stories

gs7 gold

Money to burn? 24K gold-plated Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can be yours for a cool $2K

Sure, it's a ridiculous amount to pay for a phone, but you'll certainly have the most interesting conversation piece around.

adoptable storage primary

Adoptable storage in Android 6.0: What it is, how it works

Google is no longer treating microSD cards like second-class storage.

hound android

The Hound virtual assistant app is now out of beta with a version 1.4 update

If Google or Cortana aren't pulling enough weight for you, then maybe it's time to start shouting commands at Hound.

android n shade

Report: Android N will feature redesigned notification shade and quick settings

The possible interface tweaks bring more options to the drop-down settings menu and sharply refine bundles of notifications.

App the vote: 9 mobile tools for election junkies

It's going to be an exciting election season. We've nominated nine Android and iOS apps that can help you follow the races.

share large files android primary

The best ways to share large files on Android

Got a file that's too big for email? No problem!

inbox android

Inbox 1.18 update hints at handy shortcut to share files from Google Drive

You have more snoozing options now, which can help you better keep your inbox from overflowing with messages.

waze android update

Waze update adds cleaner interface and a grab bag of new features

The new version catches the Android app up to the iOS counterpart, which got the 4.0 update in October.

Sprint logo on store in Boston

Sprint brings back two-year contracts in effort to stand apart from other carriers

Several phones are now available at a subsidized price, as long as you're willing to pledge your loyalty for two years.

multiplayer games lead

The best Android multiplayer games

Want to play with (or against) local friends and online foes? These are the games you need.


fivetotry feb25 lead

Five to Try: The Walking Dead: Michonne debuts, and VHS Camcorder fuzzes up your videos

Grab this week's most enticing new Android apps and games.


Samsung keynote madness: What it's really like covering the biggest press event at Mobile World Congress

A press conference isn't all just fun and games, though Samsung's Inception-inspired keynote might have steered you otherwise.

Behind the scenes at the Galaxy S7 keynote, Samsung’s biggest event of the year

Step into the journalist's seat and experience all the emotions that come with covering MWC's biggest press conference.

android widgets

How to add widgets to your Android home screen

Don't settle for a standard grid of icons—add live information or quick actions to make your Android device more lively and useful.

chromecast kids apps lead

The best Chromecast apps and games for kids

Google's cheap streamer can help keep your darling children from driving you nuts.


A head-to-head look at the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Having spent some time with these hot new Android phones, we’ve already formed a few preliminary opinions on how they stack up.

nexus 5x 01

Don't expect another LG Nexus phone this year

An LG spokesperson says the company wants to focus on its own brand instead of building another Google phone.