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ara developer device 4

Google's modular smartphone project sacrificed its original vision to move forward

Google's Project Ara modular smartphone is coming to developers at the end of this year, but it's lost a key part of its vision along the way -- total customizability.

play awards hero

Here are the winners of the 2016 Google Play Awards

Google's crowns 10 must-try apps in its inaugural app awards ceremony.


android family

Google Play Family Library is official, launching in July

Developers now have capabilities to enable their apps for the new sharing element that's coming to the Play Store.

fivetotry may20 lead

Five to Try: Assassin's Creed shares its Identity, and Google makes Spaces for groups

Check out the Play Store's biggest new Android apps and games.


htc 10 02

Android device updates: HTC 10 is getting stability fixes and preview 3 is headed to Android N

HTC had a busy week in announcing the One M9, A9, and of course 10 will be first in line to get Android N when it exits beta.

01 android n

Current Nexus devices won't get Android N's new seamless update feature

It's likely that the Chrome OS-inspired update mechanism will need to wait for the next generation Android devices as well.


Stale beer no more: This app can tell you when your brew's past its prime

There's a good chance your tastebuds would tell you when you're drinking stale beer, but now science has come to the rescue to spare them that pain.

projecttango io

The Project Tango smartphone is coming and it's more useful than you think

We got a look at how the Tango's mapping capabilities can be used for everyday tasks—as well as for having a little fun inside your home.

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Android apps on Chrome OS show the failure of the web as an application platform

With access to the Google Play Store and Android apps, Chromebooks are leaving the web behind—and becoming more powerful.

meanwhile on instagram

10 totally cliché Instagram pictures you have definitely posted

The world doesn’t need any more pics of latte art.

google io

Google I/O's biggest reveals: VR dreams, personalized AI, and chips that blow away Moore's Law

Google I/O 2016 was full of big news, from Android N to Daydream VR to new apps galore.

Google I/O sign

Here's a look inside Google I/O's playground for developers

Google held its massive I/O conference this week at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Here's a look at what developers found inside.

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Android apps will come to Chromebooks, as Google puts the Play Store in Chrome OS

Google's Play Store will be coming to Chrome OS, the lightweight operating system that powers Chromebook laptops. This move will suddenly give the app-starved Chrome a lot more to work with.


Google's Daydream VR initiative: What it is, what it isn't

Google's going big into VR this year with Daydream, but it's not a single device. It's a spec, it's a controller, it's a standard.

android n

Google is nixing launcher shortcuts in Android N

A 3D Touch-style feature may eventually come to Android, but it's being kicked down the road to a future release.