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fitness apps android

The best fitness and health tracking apps for Android

There’s never been a better time to get healthy, as there are plenty of apps that can serve as your workout and fitness companion.


Walgreen's 3D

Google partners with Movidius to bring machine learning to future mobile devices

Google will buy low-power machine learning chips and software from Movidius, and contribute to the company's research.

150817 google marshmallow 03

New Android ransomware uses clickjacking to gain admin privileges

A new Android ransomware app called Lockdroid.E is abusing system dialogs to hijack user clicks and grant itself administrator privileges.

google play store

Google Play Store comments section adds spam button, thumbs up to better flag comments

Google has been doing a lot of new experiments with the Play Store lately, though this change appears to be rolling out widely.

hangouts android

Hangouts 7.0 adds quick reply for more rapid responses

The update also nudges you to switch to Google's Messenger app for your SMS and MMS conversations.

lg g4 beauty 3

LG pledges to fix G4 bootloop issue

The company has acknowledged a hardware problem is to blame and will offer a fix for the impacted phones.

oculus crescent bay hands on demo

New job listings hint at Google building its own VR hardware

Google Cardboard may have been just the beginning of the company's foray into virtual reality.

bestcardboard lead2

The best Google Cardboard VR apps

Games, concerts, and other immersive virtual reality experiences—and many are available for free.


jeff bezos amazon fire phone ap

Amazon is planning another go at making an Android smartphone

The company is reportedly chatting with its OEM friends about making a phone that more "deeply" integrates its apps and services into Google's open source operating system.

google play games icon

Google Play Games to simplify the sign-in process, drop Google+ requirement

With a change to some of the service's APIs, you won't be prompted to connect your account every time you launch a new game.

samsung gear s2 classic rosegold rside.jpg 100636419 gallery.idge

Samsung's gold-plated Gear S2 set to launch with $520 price tag

It's thousands less than the high-end Apple Watch, though the S2 body is stainless steel instead of solid gold.

fivetotry jan22 lead

Five to Try: Kickstarter finally hits Android, and Mimicker Alarm wakes with games

Here's a look at the week's biggest new Android apps and games.


leave phone alone gmail priority inbox 4

Gmail 5.10 update fixes Hotmail sync issue, other bugs

Google is still investigating other Gmail issues with Nexus devices, so you may have to try some workarounds until a fix arrives.

nextbit 0510

Nextbit apologizes for the delay on the CDMA variant of its Robin smartphone

Verizon and Sprint users, you’ll have to wait an extra two months for Nextbit’s cloud-based Android phone.

android auto rotate

How to change Android auto-rotate settings

You can direct Android to switch between portrait and landscape orientations whenever you rotate your phone or tablet.