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andrew toy google

Android Influencer: Google's Andrew Toy says Android is ready for work

Android for Work's product management director tells us why Android is up to the challenge of corporate enterprise environments.


google play icon

Family sharing and gifting finally coming soon to Google Play Store

This will catch Google up to Apple, which already offers a similar capability with its App Store and iTunes content.

fivetotry nov6 lead

Five to Try: The New York Times gets into VR, and Octodad serves up wacky fun

Grab these hot new Android apps and get the weekend started off right.


google play services

Google Play Services 8.3 brings streamlined account sign-in, quicker app sharing tools

You'll also find some new tools for location services and syncing apps with Android Wear.

nexus 5x nexus 6p

Report: Google seeks partners to design its own mobile chip

This could be another way for Google to build more consistency and uniformity in the Android ecosystem.

htconea9 0146

HTC's gorgeous, iPhone-like One A9 is now available

HTC's latest attempt to stand out from the crowd it once rose above is now available for sale at AT&T, Sprint, and

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

YouTube app dives deep into VR with new Google Cardboard support

Google's video service now supports footage shot specifically in a new VR format and will tweak any video for playback with Cardboard.

google drive notifications

Access shared Google Drive files through push alerts, thanks to newest update

You don't have to dig through your email any more to find sharing requests and collaboration invites with Drive for Android and iOS.

angry android

Newly discovered adware digs its claws deep into Android, is nearly impossible to remove

Security researchers found over 20,000 adware samples hiding in apps that masquerade as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other popular services.

Hivemapper, a flight guide for drone pilots

Hivemapper takes the video signal from your drone and superimposes onto it details of buildings and points of interest nearby. And if you get too close to those buildings, it also serves up a warning that you might be about to hit them.

viewmaster vr front

The best cheap Cardboard VR viewer is… Mattel's View-Master?

It looks like a toy, but this sturdy phone-based VR viewer is ideal for the whole family.


android marshmallow

Android Marshmallow adds 'high fidelity sensor support' flag for developers

Google's new developer tool helps reduce the pain of a common Android fragmentation problem.

150817 google marshmallow 06

Trojanized Android apps flood third-party stores, compromise phones

Researchers from mobile security firm Lookout have found over 20,000 samples of trojanized apps that root devices.

android pay

Android Pay irons out some kinks, including loyalty card recognition

Fixing loyalty cards is one of those small, but important, things a fledgling system needs to show it's ready for wider use.

android for work play store

Google tries to woo enterprises with new Android for Work initiatives

Google’s enterprise push rolled on Wednesday with the launch of new programs relating to Android for Work, its group of features and services that help make that mobile operating system easier to manage for businesses.

larry page interview 1

Larry Page talks Alphabet, security, and Google's long-term vision in Fortune interview

The typically tight-lipped leader shares his passion for Project Loon and building the new Alphabet into a company that is entrepreneur-friendly.