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PCWorld News

Struggling Lenovo to cut 3,200 jobs, streamline handset business

Lenovo reported weak second quarter earnings

tilt android

Android Experiments is Google's new playground for off-the-wall apps

The new site showcases a collection of unusual Android apps crafted by various developers.

nextbit cloud

Reality check: Nextbit to launch its first phone on September 1, but be wary of the hype

A team with HTC and Google legacy is making grandiose claims about its upcoming smartphone, but they're not sharing any details.

Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung bets big on Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+

The company is hoping to get a leg up on Apple with Thursday's event

android perf tips primary

5 tips to make your Android phone run faster, longer

You’re the boss, don’t put up with sub-par performance.

lenovo zuk 4

Lenovo-backed ZUK brand takes on the smartphone market

Lenovo's smartphone market share in China has been sagging on increased competition

oneplus2 handson 2406

OnePlus 2 smartphone arrival in US and Canada delayed

The delay has been blamed on "production schedules"

PCWorld News

Chinese vendors triple smartphone share in India

South Korea's Samsung, however, remains at the top of the pile

vulkan 3d

Google to support new Vulkan 3D rendering API in Android

Developers can opt for this new graphics tool or also use the OpenGL ES 3.2, which is based on a standard Android already supports.

PCWorld News

Foxconn to invest $5B to set up first of up to 12 factories in India

Foxconn is responding to India's bid to attract manufacturers to the country


Zimperium Labs launches Stagefright detector app in Play Store

The group that discovered the vulnerability will tell you if your device is vulnerable, and of course try to sell you some service if it isn't.

the list phone lazy primary

10 embarrassingly lazy things you do with your phone

Texting your roommate to get you something from the kitchen? Check.

google docs android

Google turns your Android phone into a Hangouts presentation powerhouse

First your phone was a presentation remote for Chromecast and Airplay, now you can add Hangouts to that list.

chrome for android

Why Chrome, Gmail, and other Google services are still better on Android than iOS

While Google brings all its core apps over to iOS, there are still several key advantages to using them on Android devices.

android dos donts primary

10 Do's and don'ts for every Android user

These are the rules that anyone with an Android phone should live by.