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fivetotry oct23 lead

Five to Try: Instagram's Boomerang tosses out loopy clips, and Prune is a peaceful puzzler

Grab the latest and greatest apps and games from the Play Store.


android emoji

Android chief pledges new emoji are on the way

The masses demand their taco, skin tone variety, and the other new icons left out of the Android party.

android auto f0869

Report: Google prepping car infotainment system separate from Android Auto

The company may bring a full-blown version of Android to cars, which would serve as the backbone for navigation, music, and more.


Google's Nexus 5X is pretty easy to repair, but watch out for that USB port

The new Nexus 5X got relatively good marks in terms of repairability from iFixit. Here's what they found.

android m file manager

How to get to Android Marshmallow's hidden file manager

Did you know you can browse your phone's file system on Android Marshmallow without downloading a separate app? We'll show you how.

fossil q founder

Fossil unveils its first Android Wear watch and 'Q' line of wearables

The Fossil Q Founder leads the company's charge into the world of connected accessories.

samsung pay

Samsung Pay now in the Google Play Store for select devices

Big Red finally gives its blessing to Samsung's unique take on mobile payments.

nexus 6p nexus imprint button

This is why the Nexus 6P is the Android phone you want next

Why would anyone buy a so-called "flagship" phone from one of Google's partners when this physical embodiment of Android Marshmallow is so crazy-freaking good?

nexusevent 9863

Why we need Nexus phones more than ever

Android manufacturers can't stop mucking up Android. Here's why we still need Professor Google to give everyone an object lesson in how to make a proper Android phone.

5 Best Features Of Nexus 6P

It's the perfect marriage of Android Marshmallow and high-end hardware. Jon Phillips explains why the Nexus 6P moves him like no other Nexus phone before.

google maps android

Use Bluetooth to improve GPS accuracy on Android Marshmallow

Improve your phone's location accuracy with the flip of a switch.

android marshmallow figurine

Google's Android Marshmallow OEM guidelines expand tools, but with a shorter leash

The requirements for full-disk encryption, fingerprint sensors, doze mode, and more could help remove some of the pain points developers and users feel with Android's fragmentation.

memory android m

How to make sense of Android Marshmallow's new memory manager

Android's new memory manager makes it easier than ever to make sense of how your Android phone is using its RAM.

htconea9 0136

Hands-on with the HTC One A9: An Android in iPhone clothing

Make no mistake: this is an Android phone, through and through. Down to its unnecessary interface overhaul and a misplaced fingerprint reader.

Hands-on with the HTC One A9

It looks like an iPhone, but it's really a mid-range Android phone in a pretty package.

150817 google marshmallow 03

Google makes secure boot, full-disk encryption mandatory for some Android 6.0 devices

Google will require Android devices capable of decent cryptographic performance to enable full-disk encryption by default in order to be declared compatible with Android 6.0.

wear messaging main

10 great messaging apps for your Android Wear watch

These apps make messaging from your wrist something you might actually enjoy.