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the list texting habits primary

10 texting habits you need to break

By the time you figure texting out, texting will be obsolete.


android shortcuts press share button for screenshot 6

7 Android shortcuts for doing things faster

Android boasts a series of handy shortcuts for everything from taking a screenshot to silencing notifications.

android weather

Google unveils splashy new weather experience on Android

The Google app will give you the forecast, air quality, and other key stats for your current location or anywhere worldwide.

150817 google marshmallow 06

When will your phone get Android Marshmallow? Here's what we know so far

Whether you have a Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, or Nexus, here's a rundown of all the latest news and rumors about when Marshmallow is coming your way.


swiftkey typing stats

SwiftKey Stats details insights about your own typing tendencies

Find out how much you’ve expanded your vocabulary or which are your favorite Emojis in this update to SwiftKey’s beta Android app.

150817 google marshmallow 06

Google creates fix for zero-day kernel flaw, says effect on Android is greatly exaggerated

Google has developed a patch for a recently reported vulnerability in the Linux kernel and shared it with Android manufacturers.

skype logo open graph

Skype adds call scheduling and seamless Office integration to Android app

Skype wants to make it easier to schedule that Skype call you've been meaning to have with your mother.

android widgets

How to build your own Android widgets for a truly personalized homescreen

Embrace the spirit of Android by adding more style and functionality to your home screen with these apps.

cardboard attenborough

Sir David Attenborough narrates Google’s latest virtual reality Expedition

Google’s education-focused virtual reality program is rapidly expanding worldwide, and now it includes two new places to explore.

google plus android

Google+ for Android may save you time by launching links in Chrome custom tabs

This switch away from standard Chrome will launch links more quickly, but keep advantages like saved passwords and form data.

chrome for android

Chrome is set for a major speed boost thanks to a new compression algorithm

New code called Brotli is built to compress web pages significantly faster than the current build of Chrome.

streaming music lead

Which streaming music service is best for your Android phone?

Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music: We put the top apps through their paces and pick the best on-the-go option.


starbucks app spotify

Now you can save the songs you hear in Starbucks stores to your Spotify account

A new feature in the Starbucks app lets customers find and save the music they hear in more than 7,500 stores via Spotify.

google photos

Jump directly from your camera app to Google Photos with new shortcut

The update ties Google's photo service more tightly to your smartphone camera app.

google search android

New field test lets you install Android apps directly from Google search

It's a much faster way to download a new app, but not everyone can try it out just yet.