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3 essential apps for ios to android switchers familio for android and ios 2

3 handy apps for iOS-to-Android switchers

Switching from iOS to Android can mean leaving some things behind. If you're worried about losing features like Find My Friends and iMessage's desktop abilities, these helpful Android apps can bridge the gap.

google messenger

Google is launching RCS messaging on Sprint, with other carriers on the roadmap

You'll get real-time typing notifications, messaging over Wi-Fi, and other features that will make SMS work a lot more like iMessage.

The NFL's making a behind-the-scenes VR video series for YouTube and Google Daydream

Google is using Google's Jump platform to create a nine-episode virtual reality video series.

fivetotry nov4 lead

Five to Try: Asphalt Xtreme is mud-slinging fun, and Adobe debuts three new creative apps

Actually, we have seven apps this week, but please don't hold it against us.


Android nougat unwrapping

Report: Nearly 90 percent of smartphones worldwide run Android

The latest research from Strategy Analytics paints a picture of dominance for Google's mobile operating system.

android security

Android is just as safe from malicious attacks as the iPhone, claims top Google security engineer

Google's Adrian Ludwig says the Pixel and Android's open ecosystem make for a better security situation than the competition.

hasselblad zoom hero shot

Motorola launches a developer competition in hopes of inspiring more Moto Mods

The company is teaming up with Indiegogo and Verizon to for the campaign, with winners able to score funding for their ideas.

google home bedstand

Google Home review: Google puts its A.I. on a nightstand for the win

There's no way to review Google Home in isolation. This hyper-aware voice-activated speaker is an Amazon Echo clone, but improves upon the original concept.

ravpower 26800 battery pack

RAVPower 26800 review: A plentiful USB-C equipped pack with a number of ports

Using the USB-C port, you can recharge this pack in just a few hours.

zerolemon toughjuice 30000

ZeroLemon TouchJuice 30000 review: A rugged, ugly, yet fully capable battery pack

It’s not going to appeal to everyone, but for someone who needs something that can take a beating, the ToughJuice is willing and able.

tronsmart presto 12000mah type c portable charger

Tronsmart Presto 12000 review: Its small size doesn’t offer the same performance as similar models

The Tronsmart Presto will get the job done, and recharges in little time, but there are better packs available.

ivoler type c power bank 10000mah

iVoler Type C Power Bank 10000 review: A sleek and portable pack for quick trips

A battery pack you can easily slip into a purse or backpack and not have to worry about extra bulk.

anker powercore 26800

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 review: A well-designed battery pack with plenty of capacity

As one of Anker’s biggest battery packs, the PowerCore+ offers enough juice to charge your devices in style.

aukey 30000 power bank

Aukey 30000 PowerBank review: Don’t let its price or looks fool you, this battery pack does it all

It looks more like a brick, but Aukey 30000 PowerBank has QuickCharge 3.0, USB-C, and a flashlight.