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google cardboard gettingstarted lead

Adult Swim is giving away a Google Cardboard Viewer to anyone who sends in a fax

If you're willing to wade through some 1980s technology then you too can turn your Android phone into a virtual reality device.

hound android

Soundhound's new voice assistant takes on Google Now, Siri, and Cortana

Just like Google Now and Cortana, Hound will tell you the weather, find you a hotel, and point you to the nearest coffeehouse.

android apps

How to add relationships to your contacts on Android

The relationship feature in Android Contacts app can help you keep track of who knows who and how.


Foursquare adds Android Wear support in latest app update

Recommendations about cool things to do will now show up as alerts on your smartwatch.

project tango phones

Qualcomm to partner with Google for Project Tango smartphones

Despite some prominent overheating issues, the Snapdragon 810 will power the 3-D tracking phones.


ZenWatch 2 from Asus could last four days on one charge

The latest ZenWatch has an optional case back that could give it another half-day of power

Computex 2015: Asus ZenWatch 2 could have 4-day battery

The ZenWatch 2, a new Android Wear smartwatch from Asus, will have a battery life of between three and four days, the company said. It previewed the watch at Computex 2015 ahead of a launch later this year.

thelist phone stalking primary

10 times you actually want your phone to stalk you

Target coupons? Thanks for stalking me, phone!

google io slideshow 03

Google I/O 2015 in photos

Google's annual developer conference was big, weird, and futuristic. Here are some things that caught our eye.


fivetotry may29 lead

Five to Try: Google Photos gets smart and unlimited, plus Periscope's easy video streaming

Also Inbox by Gmail opens up wide, and a new Tomb Raider game hits Android.


Hands-on: Google’s Cardboard Expeditions almost made me barf

Sure, it was cool. But will kids really be into Google Cardboard app?

PCWorld News

Skip the waiter and order with this Bluetooth mat

PaperBeacon sends location IDs to mobile devices and could be used in restaurants and schools

android m lead

9 things we discovered in our first few hours with Android M

At this early stage, Android M only shows minor differences from Lollipop. The most interesting features seem to be coming later.


androidpay 9121

Using Android Pay: 5 things you need to know

Google's new mobile payments system isn't too complicated. If anything, it's essentially an updated version of Google Wallet.

android m

Android M's major new features, from Android Pay to awesome app permissions

Now that Android L has given Google's mobile operating system a makeover, Android M focuses on polishing the user experience.

pcw 0030

HBO Now cut loose from Apple exclusivity, is coming to Chromecast and Android devices

Let the binge watching begin, starting this summer.