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How Samsung will convert you to its mobile app theology

At Samsung's first inaugural Samsung Developers Conference, "Google" wasn't uttered even once.


Apple's tablet lead shrinks as Android gains momentum

Android tablets drove tablet sales growth in the third quarter of 2013. Apple’s iPad shipments were flat, and Windows tablets continued to struggle, according to two research reports.


Why BBM for Android, iOS Success will be short-lived

Can 20 million new BlackBerry Messenger users really be wrong? Yes, if a cross-platform BBM can't offering uniquely compelling features.


It's that time again! What to expect in Kit Kat, Google's imminent Android release

Rumors are swirling around Android 4.3, and these are the ones that have a fighting chance of proving true.


Gimme a break: The features we won't see in Android Kit Kat

We want these features in Android, but we probably won't get them. Are you paying attention, Google?


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is not breaking up with Android

Executives from the Chinese smartphone maker denied rumors that they're planning to break from Android to develop their own mobile operating system.

Blackberry sees 10 million BBM downloads in 24 hours

Blackberry says its new app that opens up the proprietary BBM messaging platform to Android and Apple users was downloaded 10 million times in just over its first 24 hours of availability.

Google acquires Android optimization firm FlexyCore

Google has announced its acquisition of the French company FlexyCore, best known for its performance enhancing software, DroidBooster.

Exploring Android's origins: Developers dish on making apps for the 'wild west'

We asked the developers who have been with Android since its beginnings for their their take on what’s next for the mobile operating system.


android milestones primary

Infographic: Five years of Android milestones

Google's mobile operating system has come a really long way in just five short years.


Beyond smartphones: 12 crazy places you'd never expect to find Android

Android is not just for phones and tablets. Its open-source nature has made it popular for lots of odd applications.


8 mobile OS features you saw on Android first

If your phone has free turn-by-turn navigation, LTE, or multitasking, you should thank Android.


The 20 greatest milestones of Android's first five years

We're celebrating the birthday of everyone's favorite little green robot by taking a look back at its first half-decade.


Sweet! We just picked dessert names for all the future versions of Android

We hopped into our time machine and came back with a sweet list of Android version names.


Hands on with Microsoft Remote Desktop for mobile

Microsoft has come out with its own remote desktop client for Android and iOS devices, but our initial go-round with the software suggests that you might want to consider easier options first.