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Remix OS's desktop-friendly flavor of Android hits PCs with mouse support and windows

Remix OS for PC goes where stock Android hasn't with windowed apps, a taskbar, and proper mouse support.

google maps android

Google Maps' secretive new Driving Mode wants to guess where you're going

Google just released a new version of Maps for Android with a hidden feature called Driving Mode that wants to figure out where you're going and feed you navigation tips during your trip.

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Android malware steals one-time passcodes to hijack accounts protected by two-factor authentication

One-time passcodes, a crucial defense for online banking applications, are being intercepted by a malware program for Android, according to new research from Symantec.

weather apps android

The best Android weather apps

Keep tabs up with the forecast with the most accurate and well-designed weather applications for your phone, tablet, or watch.

google app new logo

Google shows off 'what's hot' and other suggestions in search bar experiment

Next time you go to do a search on Android, Google may throw up a few more options for you to explore.

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Google I/O 2016 will take place May 18-20 in Mountain View

Google's changing venues this year and keeping its annual developer's conference closer to home.

moto x pure edition

Report: All 2016 Moto phones will have fingerprint sensors, five-inch screens

Parent company Lenovo doesn't want its mobile lineup to lag behind when it comes to core features and design.

google play services

Report: Google Play Services to finally land in China this year

Google desperately wants its apps and services in China, and such a move would go a long way towards making that happen.

google fit workout

Google Fit update enables workout tracking directly from Android Wear

Leave the phone in your pocket as you can now start a walk, run, or biking session right from your smartwatch.

google phone app

Five tips to get more out of the Google Phone app

Google’s dialer is a smart search companion, contact manager, and all-around phone toolkit.


touchjet wave

Touchjet Wave turns your living room television set into a giant Android tablet

Forget a 10-inch tablet. This little device turns your TV into a 50-inch Android device.

Touchjet Wave turns your TV into a giant Android tablet for only $200

A little arm above your TV tracks your fingers and uses that to approximate touch input.

moto x camera

Hello Moto: Parent company Lenovo to rebrand Motorola

The storied name associated with the first cellphone will be no more, instead to be renamed 'Moto by Lenovo.'

fivetotry jan8 lead

Five to Try: Candy Crush begins a Jelly Saga, and NBC's Seeso streams funny TV

CES week is all about gadgets, but some new Android apps are worth exploring too.


android security danger

Google banishes 13 militant, malware-sporting apps from the Play Store

The 'Brain Trust' malware family not only gains root access to your device, but can assign five-star reviews to its infected apps.


Biz Stone's Q&A app Jelly to be reborn as Q&A app, only better

If at first you don't succeed, try an un-pivot. That's Jelly co-founder Biz Stone's approach in the hopes his team can rejuvenate the Q&A service.