Don't-Miss Android Stories

kanex gopower usb c

Kanex GoPower USB-C review: A battery pack that looks like Apple designed it

With that design, comes an Apple-like price. But don’t let that scare you away.

mos go battery pack

Mos Go review: A flawed battery pack

For the time being, we can’t recommend buying the Mos Go. The company is working on updated firmware to fix critical issues.

6 things ios to android switchers will miss 5 things ios to android switchers will miss magnifying

6 things you'll miss if you switch from iOS to Android

From iCloud photo sharing to the cursor's tiny magnifying glass, some of iOS's smallest touches are easy to overlook until they're gone.

pixel and xl size

Google clarifies Pixel charging specs, with 15W for smaller model and 18W for the XL

Both devices were previously touted at hitting 18W, with the confusion apparently the result of a marketing error.

google fit workout

Google Fit does some stretching before a major buildup of new features

A teardown of the version 1.6.1 update shows more detailed workout options and a round icon to match nicely with the Pixel Launcher.

adobe android apps

Adobe brings Photoshop Sketch, Fix, and Comp CC to Android

You now have more sophisticated tools for drawing, wireframing projects, and editing photos on an Android phone or tablet.

pixel hero

Google Pixel review: Every bit as good as the XL, only smaller

Google sacrifices very little in the smaller, less expensive version of its hot new phone.

hangouts android

Hangouts brings app shortcuts, other tricks to Android 7.1

Allo may be the cool kid in the world of Google's messaging efforts, but Google is still finding time to bring Hangouts up to speed.

phab2pro 1581

Lenovo's Phab2 Pro goes on sale for $499, ships in December

It's the first phone with Google's Tango technology, which bakes in a number of augmented reality experiences.

white pixel xl

Google is giving out $50 in Play Store credit to Pixel buyers with lengthy shipping delays

Many who bought the Pixel shortly after launch are still waiting for their phone to arrive long after it was promised.

smartphone lens kit

30% off Anker Phone Camera Lens Kit With Fisheye, 0.65x Wide Angle, 10x Macro - Deal Alert

This multi-functional camera lens kit works on most standard sized smartphones, and brings even more life to your photos with 180-degree fisheye, 0.65x wide angle and 10x macro lenses.

galaxys7edge  1

The best cases for the Galaxy S7 Edge

Give your curvy smartphone the right amount of protection and style that it deserves.

google play store

Google Play is cracking down on fake reviews and fraudulent install numbers

The latest move attempts to improve the app discovery process so it's not unfairly used by developers seeking an advantage.

twitter for android material update

Twitter alpha preps app shortcuts and round icons to take advantage of Android 7.1

The new tricks are neat, but this early release version of the app is quite crash-prone and shouldn't be relied on for everyday use.

google pixel fingerprint reader

How to free up space with storage tools in Android 7.1

The latest version of Android has built-in tools to help you manage storage space.