Don't-Miss CES Stories

jce supermhl

New SuperMHL 8K connector could be in PCs by 2018

Watching movies and playing games on today's computers are getting better with 4K resolution, but a new connector for TVs and monitors could allow laptops and desktops to connect to 8K displays as early as 2018.


HiSense keeps the Sharp name alive with a slew of new big-screen TVs

Sharp stopped making its own TVs last year, but HiSense keeps the brand name going with big screens and HDR support.


HiSense promises low-cost HDR and curved TVs for the U.S. market

HiSense TVs for 2016 include a 4K, HDR, and quantum dots at low prices.

news 2015 audi piloted sonoma 7

Audi is taking high-speed, self-driving cars to a California race track

Audi plans to begin testing highly automated self-driving car technology at a California race track that's more used to hosting auto races.

Ford adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa to vehicles

Ford will let its cars pair with Apple and Android phones in addition to integrating them with Amazon's Alexa voice control service.


TCL’s 2016 TVs: Just the basics, with a side of Roku

TCL's CES televisions are all about 4K, HDR, and quantum dots.

The Faraday Future FFZero1 is much more 'concept' than 'car'

This all-electric car is full of puzzling features—like an iPhone embedded into the steering wheel. But for now, it's still just a dream.

sensorwake 1

The Sensorwake smell-based alarm clock has a nagging bacon deficit

You can wake to the smell of chocolate, peppermint and espresso, but, inexplicably, not bacon.

The Endless Mini $79 PC: A desktop for the masses

The $79 Endless Mini is a Linux desktop that assumes you don't have an Internet connection -- so it tries to store as much of it as it can on the box itself.

The Endless Mini $79 desktop PC stores as much of the Internet as it can

Endless' $79 Linux PC caches as much information as it can on the box itself, for parts of the world where Internet access is minimal or nonexistent.

Hands-on with Sensorwake, the alarm clock that wakes you with your nose

Wake up to the smell of flowers. Or chocolate. Or peppermint. But for some reason, not bacon.

perfect blend

Perfect Blend is a smart scale that makes smoothies a cinch

The makers of Perfect Bake want to simplify the already easy act of blending food.

Perfect Blend is a smart scale and app that gives you the perfect smoothie every time

Is making a decent smoothie too hard? The Perfect Blend smart scale and app will walk you through it.

Airdog drone tracks action sports from the skies

Going for an extreme adventure? Airdog is a drone that can follow you around while out mountain biking, surfing and enjoying other action sports.

HP Envy Phoenix

HP's powerful, Vive-optimized Envy Phoenix is tailored for virtual reality gaming

HP's Envy Phoenix is tweaked and tuned to perform well with HTC's Vive VR headset.

ring stick up cam 3

The Ring Stick Up Cam delivers two-way audio in a wireless security camera for $200

With the Ring Stick Up Cam, you can see—and talk to—people who are approaching your home from any direction.

mediapad m2 10 2

Huawei announces a gold Nexus 6P and high-end, 10-inch Android tablet

The China-based Android manufacturer also announced a mid-tier smartphone in part of a larger plan to woo the U.S. market.

maximus viii formula crosschill ek s

New Asus motherboards rock custom EK waterblocks, first-ever Nvidia SLI certification for an AMD 970 board

Asus' trio of new CES 2016 motherboards are loaded with all sorts of goodies, including a potent Aura custom lighting system.

autonomous fusion mcity 39a9958 hr

Ford will triple its autonomous car test fleet

Ford is planning to triple the number of cars it has on city streets and test tracks researching autonomous driving technology.


LG Signature line includes massive ultra-thin OLED TVs, plus fancy fridges and dishwashers

LG's "Signature" OLED TV sets measure just 0.1 inches thick and are covered in glass. Don't bother asking about price.