Don't-Miss CES Stories

harman microsoft in dash office

Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 and Office 365 to your car's dashboard

Microsoft announces partnerships with Harman, IAD, and others to bring Microsoft's universal apps to the car—including Windows 10 streaming and Office 365 connectivity to the dashboard.

gembox 3 4

This $99 Android box streams PC games to your TV with open-source Nvidia Shield tech

Emtec's GEM Box microconsole can stream all sorts of games and media from all sorts of places—even full-blown PC games from Nvidia-equipped computers.

c202 bluenew 10d

The rugged Asus Chromebook C202 shrugs off damage (but is easily repaired, just in case)

Hey kids: Asus' Chromebook C202 can take your worst neglect. And if it can't, your school can fix it anyway.


Samsung's rumored Surface clone leaks ahead of CES keynote

We don't know if we'll see it at CES, but the typically reliable Evleaks has a new scoop about a Samsung Windows Galaxy tablet that looks a lot like the Surface.

htc vive pre 4

Hands on: The new HTC Vive Pre adds a Matrix-like front camera in its new redesign

HTC replaces its earlier versions of the Vive VR device with the Vive Pre, which includes a front-facing camera.

idevices homekit newproducts pressrelease 12 31 15 v2

iDevices expands its HomeKit lineup with smart switches and sockets

The new Siri-ready gear includes built-in wall switches you can use with or without a smartphone.

Hands-on with the Vive Pre, a VR headset with front-facing camera

HTC replaces its earlier versions of the Vive VR device with the Vive Pre, which includes a front-facing camera.

Perceptive Devices Smyle

Perceptive Devices designs a 'mouse' you can click with your smile

Perceptive Devices has a pair of technologies that use your smile as an input device.

Smyle: A 'mouse' you can click with your, well, smile

Perceptive Devices uses "smile tracking" as a way to interact with games and VR content.


How HP Inc. designed the Elitebook Folio G1 to compete with the MacBook Air

The newly formed HP Inc. is using CES 2016 to introduce its MacBook Air challenger, the thin and light EliteBook Folio G1.


HTC and Under Armour want to help you get healthy with the UA Healthbox

It’s a box with all the essential gadgets you’ll need to get fit, including a fitness band, a scale, and a strap-on heart-rate monitor.

omni front

Meet the Origin PC Omni, the world's most powerful curved all-in-one PC

With room for a Titan X and 8-core CPU inside, the Omni is truly made for gaming.

misfit ray

Meet Ray, Misfit's super sleek new activity tracker

The $99 aluminum bracelet has endless personalization potential.

nvidia drive px 2

Nvidia Drive PX 2 will pack the power of 6 Titan X GPUs and enable self-driving cars

Think of the PX Drive 2 as an AI supercomputer in a lunch box.

officeiq sensor from Tome, Humanscale

Humanscale's OfficeIQ gives your standing desk a brain

Humanscale and its partner, Tome, have developed sensors for desks and chairs that tell you how much they're actually being used—and whether you should get up off your keister.

scout tk image25

Flir's Scout TK is an affordable thermal monocular

The Scout TK will let you easily check out bumps in the night.

Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier

Here’s a head-snapper: Creative just announced a $5000 audiophile sound bar that streams music and video

The X-Fi Sonic Carrier packs 15 drivers, a wireless subwoofer, Dolby Atmos support, and an 800-watt amplifier.