Don't-Miss CES Stories

150104 parrot disco 2

Parrot previews wing-shaped Disco drone

Parrot has developed a distinctive wing-shaped drone that swoops through the sky at high speed and can be automatically controlled from a smartphone app.

Linksys CES 2015

Linksys aims to take the hassle out of home networking with new flagship router, other gear

In other news, you can finally get DD-WRT firmware for Linksys' WRT1900AC, WRT1200AC, and WRT1900ACS routers.

MQA logo

MQA was one of the best products of CES 2015; soon, we’ll finally be able to buy and listen to music encoded with it

Audiophile download services and device manufacturers are lining up to deliver MQA-encoded music and the equipment to play it on.

zenfone zoom

Asus unveils photography-focused ZenFone Zoom, coming in February for $399

The device features a 3X optical-zoom lens and a 'Super Resolution' mode that snaps four pictures at once.

intel realsense 360 drone self awareness flugroboter asctec firefly

Intel wants to guide drones in the right direction with Ascending acquisition

Intel will use Ascending Technologies' algorithms with 3D RealSense cameras.


LG 'Super UHD' TVs tout slick designs and better viewing angles

LG's LCD/LED TVs get a 2016 makeover as the company chases the OLED dream.


The Danalock gets a price cut for CES, as its manufacturer demos a new keypad, fob, and garage-door controller

Poly-Control will reduce the price of its Danalock to $129 starting February 15, and the smart deadbolt's new price will be $149 following the temporary promotion.

ces spec

Corsair's new PC cases range from flashy and angular to sleek and sound-dampened

Corsair's new PC cases revealed at CES 2016 cater to enthusiasts of all sorts.

security 2016 iot

Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things gets a name: Wi-Fi HaLow

A new low-power, long-range version of Wi-Fi that bolsters Internet of Things (IoT) connections will be dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow.

Samsung SSD T3 perspective shot

Samsung's latest portable SSD banks on USB-C connections

The pocket-size T3 isn't just for PCs.


Anonabox launches three new privacy-protecting devices to hide your online activities

With the Kickstarter controversy behind it, Anonabox is back with three new products for easily routing your web traffic over the Tor network or a VPN.

nv gf vr ready logo wht rgb

Want VR? Nvidia says look for the GTX VR Ready badge

A new Nvidia program is geared toward helping gamers buy the right PCs and GPUs for VR gaming.


Roku software heads to 4K TVs, with HDR in tow

Roku to land on 60 smart TV models in 2016, including 4K and HDR sets.

laptop black progressive

HP tackles 'visual hacking' with privacy filters in laptop, tablet screens

HP will start integrating privacy filters in laptop and tablet screens this year.

Iris family of products

Lowe’s adds professional monitoring to its connected-home offering

Iris by Lowe’s users now have the option of having emergency responders dispatched when alarms sound.