Don't-Miss CES Stories

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Sony's elegant Bluetooth Glass Speaker adds mood to music

Sony's attractive Glass Speaker is an affordable version of a $10,000 speaker the company launched in 2008.

lowe's holoroom vr

Lowe’s Holoroom lets you preview a home remodel in virtual reality

If you’ve been having doubts about overhauling your kitchen, this virtual experience might help ease the stress.

A walk through the Lowe's Holoroom, previewing home projects in VR

See what your kitchen remodel will look like in virtual reality before you spend the money.

polaroid smartphone

Shake it like a Polaroid...smartphone? Iconic company unveils two Android phones

The Polaroid Snap and Power are coming in the spring, priced at $250 or less for the various models.

Connected camera monitors baby's breathing

The First Alert camera can monitor respirations and alert you if they are too high, too low or have stopped.

0106 ces autos

The coolest, wildest, most futuristic car tech of CES 2016

Whether it's self-driving technology, advanced safety systems, smartphone-linked entertainment or cool concepts, the show has something for everyone. Here's our pick of the best.


Veta is a smart EpiPen case that could save your life

If you're prone to allergic reactions, Veta is a device you'll want to keep close.

The Veta EpiPen case and app might save your life

This EpiPen case and app help ensure you don't leave home without it, and alerts your emergency contacts when you use it.


4K Blu-ray players are almost here

Samsung and Panasonic both tout 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray at CES, with Samsung taking pre-orders.


IntuiTV is an unremarkable TV box with a really cool E-Ink remote

Nagra's IntuiTV platform has an E-Ink remote that can change the buttons it shows. Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?

nabuwatch std 01

Razer's new Nabu Watch has two screens and two batteries

It's not a smartwatch, but you can still get app notifications.

Connected mirror helps you get ready

The Simple Human mirror can recreate lighting situations so that you can do your makeup accordingly.


Hands-on with WiTricity's wireless charging for laptops

Ditch the wires, WiTricity demo shows just how cool wireless charging of laptops might be.

WiTricity demos wireless laptop charging at CES 2016

Look for WiTricity-equipped laptops from Dell and other OEMs this year.

This liquid cooling rig keeps crazy-fast Intel SSDs from getting too hot

SSDs are getting ridiculously fast—and rather toasty.

SSDs are getting faster—and hotter—in a hurry

You may not need a liquid cooling system to keep your SSDs from overheating just yet, but the idea isn't too far-fetched.

everest1 1447058430

Everest VR demo triggered my fear of heights and nearly brought me to my knees

The Everest VR demo on the HTC Vive Pre got my monkey brain screaming in terror.

HTC's Vive VR headset put me on Mount Everest, and I was utterly terrified

The Vive is the only VR setup I've tried immersive enough to trigger my incredible fear of heights during a demo at CES 2016.

r2 d2 moving refrigerator detained

R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator detained on CES show floor due to immigration dispute

Haier Asia has the rights to show off the RD-D2 Moving Refrigerator in Asia, but the precocious beer-serving droid currently remains under wraps at CES in Las Vegas.

stacked nucs

Intel confirms it's building a quad-core performance NUC

Intel's NUC officially goes Skylake, and a quad-core "gaming" focused unit is on tap.

Ubtech looks to up its toy robot game with the Jimu

The Jimu promises to be an easier to use—and more powerful—toy robotics kit compared to the popular Lego Mindstorms sets.

Hands on with Jimu, a super-simple robotics kit for kids

Starting at $99 and shipping in the first quarter of the year, Jimu looks to be an easy-to-program toy robot that offers limitless creative possibilities.


Channel Master’s entry-level TV tuner brings better guide data to over-the-air channels

Channel Master makes surfing for free broadcast TV a bit more pleasant with its basic tuner box.