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PC security: Your essential software toolbox

Don't fall victim! With these tools, services and tips, you can protect yourself against malware, phishing and theft.

Android malware variant pretends to be a security app

Android Security Suite Premium - loaded with Zeus variant ZitMo - is a threat to companies given the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.


Budget laptops, HDTVs likely best buys in November

Some vendors are cutting prices even before the Black Friday launch of the holiday shopping season. Prices for some notebooks could plunge below tablet selling points, while HDTV prices keep dropping.

File-sharer skips court date; hit with $1.5 million in fines

Illinois federal court hands out largest BitTorrent-related damages award ever.


LED displays for Rear Window Captioning in the NCAM lab

Lab strives to keep tech accessible to all users

From Julia Child to mobile devices, the National Center for Accessible Media cooks up ways to keep technology accessible to people with disabilities.


Barnes & Noble hacked, bank-card data stolen

Barnes & Noble revealed Wednesday that PIN pads at 63 of its U.S. stores were compromised in September, in what appears to be a sophisticated criminal effort to steal banking cards information and PIN numbers from customers.


unlocked iphone

iPhone users sue Apple for locking them into AT&T

A pair of iPhone customers are seeking class action status for their complaint against Apple, which they say violated antitrust law by locking customers into service with AT&T Mobility for several years.


How to not be a jerk on the Internet

They don't teach Internet etiquette in schools, but maybe they should.

amazon kindle

Amazon offers ebook refunds in price-fixing settlement

Amazon has posted information for customers who are entitled to partial refunds under terms of a settlement in a price-fixing case brought by most states in the U.S.

AT&T's 'Six-Strikes' antipiracy policy launches in November, leaked documents say

AT&T is expected to be the first ISP to implement a new policy developed with U.S. content providers that involves sending several anti-piracy warnings, redirecting users' browsing, and finally filing legal charges.


Best Buy

Best Buy will match online prices this holiday season

Retailers are wary of "showrooming," which refers to customers visiting brick-and-mortar retail outlets only for a hands-on look at merchandise, which they then buy cheaper online. To fight this, some retailers are offering discounts for buying in person and promoting sales staff expertise.


Anonymous stumbles, but hackers still hazardous

The loose-knit group claimed a few breaches that weren't its work, but don't discount the hacktivist group's skill and power, a security expert warns.

Microsoft battles botnet pre-installed on systems

A batch of factory-fresh PCs from China are bearing malware, and some infected models have made it into the U.S.

Google adds 'Do Not Track' to Chrome

Chrome joins the other major browsers, including the online privacy feature in the latest version of the developers build.

Microsoft expected to offer Office 2013 upgrades in October

The deal will give free or discounted upgrades to Office 2013 or Office 365 to customers who have recently purchased Office 2010, a report says.