Don't-Miss Consumer advice Stories

Google buys browser-based malware scanner VirusTotal

The database of infected sites and other pests will likely bolster Google's existing security services.

How the feds are tracking us

Evidence and examples are mounting of the myriad ways the government, law enforcement, and even private companies are monitoring our activities.

Ivy Bridge laptops top September electronics bargains

Now is the time to buy old iPhones, 55-inch HDTVs, and SSD drives, as deals accompany product introductions.

Intel's lowered revenue projections bad sign for PC industry

It's another hit for an industry that has been repeatedly hammered by the growing popularity of small, cool tablets and several years of a slow economy.


Hacker gang touts unlimited supply of zero-day bugs

The Elderwood gang specializes in finding and exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft's IE browser and Adobe's Flash Player.


Airlines prepare to adopt Apple iOS6 Passport features

Apple's mobile operating system can automatically retrieve a boarding pass when a traveler arrives and zap payment when stopping at Starbuck's.


Amazon aims for iPad with Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is clearly taking on the iPad with its new 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE, priced to match the $499 3G iPad.


Mobile security threats rise

Digital crooks are turning to mobile malware, SMS spoofing, and worse as people move toward smartphones and tablets, according to a new report.

Nokia Lumia 920 announced, but when will it ship?

Nokia aims to ship its newest smartphone on November 2 with AT&T, but the date isn't solid and it's not clear when other carriers will have it.


Webcomic Kickstarter raises $500,000 for a game in a day

Let me tell you about Homestuck.

Podcasting: All you need to know

We tell you everything you need to know about producing your own pro-caliber podcasts.


RadioShack launches no-contract wireless service

The Shack teams with Cricket for month-to-month plans ranging from $25 to $60.

FCC to seek real-world data on mobile speeds

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is getting ready to measure mobile data speeds in a joint project with major carriers and other participants.

How to securely erase your hard drive

Ensure that the data on your old drives is safe from prying eyes with this simple guide to securely wiping your hard drives.

Microsoft Raises Privacy Issues With Tweaked TOS

Analysis: The new Microsoft service agreement follows Google's lead and allows it to share your data over all its cloud services.