Don't-Miss Consumer advice Stories

Podcasting: All you need to know

We tell you everything you need to know about producing your own pro-caliber podcasts.


RadioShack launches no-contract wireless service

The Shack teams with Cricket for month-to-month plans ranging from $25 to $60.

FCC to seek real-world data on mobile speeds

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is getting ready to measure mobile data speeds in a joint project with major carriers and other participants.

How to securely erase your hard drive

Ensure that the data on your old drives is safe from prying eyes with this simple guide to securely wiping your hard drives.

Microsoft Raises Privacy Issues With Tweaked TOS

Analysis: The new Microsoft service agreement follows Google's lead and allows it to share your data over all its cloud services.

Time to Give Java the Boot?

Analysis: The programming language has become one of the weakest links in a PC’s and Mac's defenses against external threats, and is slowly -- and rightly -- being abandoned.


Mobile Shopping Still Awaits Security

Analysis: Customers won't come until they're confident that waving their banking app at a point of sale terminal won't open their account to wireless thieves.

What's Facebook's Secret Sauce to Wash Out False 'Likes'?

The social network vows to clean up its act, but isn't saying how it will tell the legitimate likes from those clicked by bots.

Sony's 4K TV: A First Look

The images are stunning, but sales are likely to be hampered by a high price and a lack of content.


5 Entertaining iPhone 5 Videos

They’re fake, possibly offensive, and will probably draw a laugh, but don’t watch these videos of creative speculation if you can’t take a joke.


4K TVs, Hybrid Tablets Top Trends at IFA in Berlin

Smartphones, large TVs, ultraportable hybrids and other new gadgets make their debut, but getting on board with some of these new trends comes at a cost.

Twitter Rival Gets Its Own iOS Client

Rhino joins Hooha, a free Android program built for the new microblogging network, which describes itself as developer-friendly and ad-free.

Wolfram Alpha Facebook App Distills Wealth of Your Personal Data

The answer engine has created a new tool that will dig into your Facebook account and tell you things such as when and where you were born and even what the weather was like then.

Cloud Service Provider Rackspace on Buying Spree to Boost Services

The latest addition is Mailgun, a transactional email service targeted at developers and Rackspace Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Pat Matthews says it will not be the last acquisition for the company.


Amazon, Motorola, Nokia to Battle Apple with Tech Announcements

Nokia and Microsoft are expected to kick off the season September 5 by announcing a high-end Lumia phone, probably with a new version of Windows Phone OS.