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Mercalli Easy Video Stabilizer Removes the Shakes and Jitters From Footage

Pros may need more control over the process, which can be found in proDAD's more expensive offerings, but the average user should be more than pleased with the results of this software.


The Best New Ultrabooks

A wave of Ultrabooks—light, thin laptops that have more capabilities and fewer compromises than ever—is hitting the market. Here's a look at some of the current crop.

Technology's Dark Side: Devious Devices Designed to Harm You

From ATM skimmers that steal your money to hackable insulin pumps, technology does have a dark side. And the various forms of sneaky tech can have frightening consequences.


The Ultrabook Revolution

Laptops are undergoing radical change, with the latest crop of Ultrabooks leading the way.

Next-Generation Laptop Touch Keyboards and Touchpads on Their Way From Synaptics

Slim Ultrabooks may be able to slim down even more if this technology is adopted.


Apple Pushes iMessage to Avoid SMS Spoof

The Apple messaging technology that enables users to avoid an SMS spoofing bug is under a patent challenge.

IPad Mini, Apple TV Refresh in Production, Analyst Says

An analyst expects the iPad Mini and Apple TV set will debut this fall, after identifying a ramp up in production at Foxconn factories.


SimCity Returns At Gamescom 2012

We sit down with SimCity producer Jason Haber in Cologne, Germany to chat about what PC gamers can expect from the next SimCity game.

Windows 8 System Builder Version May Come Cheap

Do-it-yourselfers and users of virtual machines may have a legal, less expensive option than a full retail copy of Windows with Microsoft's next release.

Hulu Content May Change This Fall, Report Says

The video streaming site puts together a contingency plan in case the network partners are able to take full control.


Windows Phone Expected to Pass BlackBerry in November

WinPho's market growth and BlackBerry's free fall combine to push smartphones running Microsoft's mobile OS past the Canadian smartphone maker.

Samsung Teases Upcoming Galaxy Note II Launch

In a video posted on its YouTube channel, Samsung gives a glimpse at the new device, which will feature a stylus like its predecessor.


Pirated Mobile Apps Get Hacked, Cracked, and Smacked

As much as 90% of the top 100 paid Android and iOS apps are ending up criminalized in hackers' hands, an Arxan study claims.

How to Supercharge Your PC With a RAM Disk

Want the speed of a solid-state drive without the expense? You might be able to set up a virtual hard drive in your PC by creating a RAM disk. Here's how to do it.

Why Does Google Hate Me?

Analysis: In the latest snafu, Google Docs erased my files -- but only when I tried to view them in Chrome. Really, Google?