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NASA: Mars Curiosity Ready to Roam, Shoot Lasers

With the Mars Curiosity rover's science instruments working well, NASA engineers are getting ready for two big tests of their robotic rover.


Back-to-School Tech Guide 2012

Here's tech that will make college a breeze, whether it's in the classroom or the dorm.

Fujitsu Turns Your Old CDs and DVDs into Laptop Bodies

Fujitsu's innovative program will recycle the media into new laptop parts, greatly reducing the company's amount of plastic used.


How Police Tracked Down Steve Jobs' Stolen iPads

Digital breadcrumbs left by the iMac and iPad computers were key in tracking them down after a burglary.

Shamoon Malware Threatens to Wipe Your Drive

The malicious code -- also called Disttrack -- may be part of a directed attack at energy companies, but could take down other systems in its wake.

Adobe Reader Patches 'Incomplete'

Google's Chrome security team urges caution with some PDF files.

Win RT Tablets Will Cost $300 Less Than Win 8 Slates

Microsoft's ARM tablets will be priced to attract consumers, says a Lenovo executive; the expected price tag bumps Apple's iPad while pricier Intel Surface models aim for business.

Google Play Smart Updates Save Data Costs and Time

Google has quietly launched delta updates for Google Play apps, offering a more economical way to refresh apps.


Twitter's API Changes: What's In It for You

Third-party developers must rework their apps to take advantage of faster refresh -- and comply with policies restricting the number of customers.

How to Add RAM to Your Laptop

You can significantly improve your laptop PC's performance by adding RAM, especially if you're running a 64-bit version of Windows.

Report: Dell Support Uses "Sweepstakes" to Push Pricey Warranties

According to Laptop Mag, Dell support is using shady tactics to get customers to buy expensive warranties.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: What You Need to Know Before Buying

If you're in the market for a new tablet that's not the iPad, then the Note 10.1 might be the tablet for you.


5 Ways to Make the Most of an Ultraportable Laptop's Small Screen

An ultraportable laptop's smaller display can be a challenge to work on. Here are five ways to squeeze more productivity out of limited screen space.

TechHive: Free Android Apps for Getting the Most From Your Phone's Camera

Instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a new camera, check out these free Android apps that can help take your mobile photography to another level.

Google Buys Frommer’s Travel Guides To Bulk Up Reviews

Google acquires yet another big name in the travel and recreation space. Will this move encourage the FTC to come knocking on the search giant’s door once again?