Don't-Miss Consumer advice Stories

Memo to Microsoft: This is How You Do Marketing

So you think you can salvage Windows 8 Metro? Then join Cringely as he proposes new names for the upcoming OS.

10 Tips for Gmail and Google Calendar

From remote calendar access to auto-declining appointments, here are 10 tips and tricks that will keep you focused, organized and productive.

Official Olympics Website Won't Win a Gold Medal

The London 2012 Website has deteriorated during demand during the Olympic Games, performing poorly in a number of areas.

Apple Matches iPhone Discounts Ahead of New Model

Apple is matching discounted pricing of the iPhone at third-party retailers. Many see this as the strongest signal yet from Apple it will release a new iPhone model soon.


Blizzard Entertainment Warns of Password Breach

The World of Warcraft and Starcraft maker is prodding some users to change their passwords and security questions.

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A review: ultralight, pretty, and capable

The updated Zenbook ships with Ivy Bridge, a gorgeous full HD IPS display, and an improved trackpad.

How to Fix Your Wi-Fi Network: 7 Tips

A quick guide to fixing the most common Wi-Fi problems that crop up at home, in the office, or on the road.

Microsoft Opening a Dozen Stores for the Holidays

Microsoft is preparing to open an additional dozen pop-up stores across the country, just in time for the holidays.

Pinterest is (Finally) Open for Business

You no longer need an invitation to join social networking site Pinterest.

How to Get Started With WordPress

Learn how to install and customize one of the most popular blogging platforms around.

Microsoft Updates Its Free Movie Editing, Photo Software

Windows Essentials Movie maker upgrades video stabilization, sound editing, and titling. Win Essentials Photo Gallery gets a new auto-collage feature.


TechHive: Discover New Music: 5 Sites That Rock

Tired of the same old songs you have in iTunes? Online radio stations getting repetitive? Want new and fresh music, preferably without commercials? Try these five sites.

How to Get Started With Google Reader

Here's the information you need to start using Google’s Web-based RSS reader like a pro.

Windows Phone 7 Owners Won't Get In-App Purchases

A note on the MSDN Windows Phone Developer Center website reveals that only Windows Phone 8 users will get in-app purchases.

Microsoft Will Give Windows 8 Users 'Do Not Track' Options for IE10

Microsoft Tuesday said users of Windows 8 will be able to change the default setting for the "Do Not Track" privacy feature in Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) when they first run the new operating system.