Don't-Miss Consumer advice Stories

Why do Music Labels Want Useless Weapons?

Analysis: The RIAA knew SOPA and PIPA were useless, yet supported them anyway. Most music files are swapped offline. So why is the RIAA still asking ISPs to spy on us?

Microsoft Gets Touchy With Mouse Gestures for Windows 8

In its latest support for touch input, Microsoft unveils a set of gesture commands and associated hardware designed to make it easier to get around Windows 8 with a mouse.


Microsoft Leaks Surface Tablet Launch Date in SEC Filing

Microsoft has not revealed when it plans to release its Surface tablet, saying only it will become available about the same time as Windows 8.

Fraudsters Tempt Olympic Fans With Bogus Streaming Websites

The Olympic Games in London have sparked interest from fraudsters, with a raft of sites supposedly offering live video streams of events.


Apple Patents Hint of iPhone Equipped with NFC

Near Field Communication technology could enable a future iPhone to act as a Universal Remote Control for cameras, game consoles, thermostats, and more.

The New Kindle Fire: What We Know

Amazon is as tight-lipped about a refresh of Fire as Apple is about its products, but a growing consensus among forecasters suggests the company is ready to compete directly with the iPad.


Samsung Offers Galaxy S3 Olympic Edition

Supporters of the British Team can get a special edition of the newest Samsung smartphone emblazoned with UK colors and theme.

New Mac Trojan Targets Specific Individuals

Security firm Intego says the Trojan is actually espionage malware that spies on victims using instant messaging clients, browsers, and Skype.

Black Hat Hackers Highlights: Awards, Attacks, and Apple

Hotel locks, iris scans, GooglePlay and other "secure" technologies are cracked in demonstrations at the security conference.


iPhone 5 and Everything You Want to Know

Most analysts believe the new iPhone will house a Qualcomm chip that lets the phone connect with several flavors of 3G GSM and 4G LTE service.


App Lets You Send Pictures via Sound

Chirp uses sound to transmit words, pictures and URLs from one phone to another, and it gets its name because its data transmission sounds like a robotic bird.

Boot-Optimizer RapidStart Does Little You Can't Do Yourself

Utility RapidStart does what it says it will do, and does it with a slick interface, but advanced users needn't bother with it.

Microsoft Addresses the Post-PC Dilemma

The software giant recognizes its challenges in phones, tablets, and luring developers to write apps for its platforms.

Shipping Delays Mount for Google's Nexus 7 16GB Tablet

Delays are plaguing Google's Nexus 7 tablet with 16GB of storage as some stores have stopped taking orders or delayed shipments of the product.


CLEAR and TSA PreCheck Programs Speed You Through Airport Security

Two programs–one public (PreCheck), one private (CLEAR)–will let you get through security faster, but neither is free, and availability is limited.