Don't-Miss Consumer advice Stories

Chrome Add-on Morphine Saves You Time by Banking It

Morphine's concept is solid and interesting, and could work well as a system-wide utility that tracks all browsers and is more difficult to circumvent.

Disputing Erroneous T-Mobile Charges

A reader asks On Your Side for help in resolving disputed charges from T-Mobile. Plus: A tardy rebate finally comes through.

Take Our Survey and You Might Win an Apple iPad

The 2012 PCWorld Media Usage Survey is here, and we'd love for you to participate.

Google Search Adds Scientific Calculator to Repertoire

A new number cruncher pops up when calculations are performed in the Google search box.


5 Things Windows 8 Can Learn from OS X Mountain Lion

Apple's newest iteration of its OS has some great features we'd like to see in Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8. Here's our list.


London 2012 Website Worst Performer in Online Olympics Tests

The official London Olympics website,, has been found to be the worst performer in a number of online tests.

How to Get Started Screencasting

Want to start your own Internet show, share PC tips and tricks with friends, or just show off your gaming skills via video? Here's how to start producing your own screencast.


VDownloader Helps You Download Videos Off The Internet

This utility for downloading and converting videos from YouTube and other sites doesn't always handle the task as well as other available offerings.

Alleged New iPhone Connector: Both Blessing and Burden

Replacing the 30-pin dock connector now used in iOS devices with a 19-pin connector would be handy and a headache for accessories.


Canon Announces EOS M, Its First Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera

The new compact interchangeable-lens camera has an APS-C sensor, but it lacks the heft of the Canon’s full-blown digital SLRs.


Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Hit 10 Million

Despite Apple's legal challenge and hints of a new iPhone, Samsung's smartphone is selling at rate of 190,000 units every day.


Google's 16GB Nexus 7 Disappears from Play Store

The popular tablet is still flying off the shelves, with many retailers taking back-orders and impatient buyers turning to gray markets.


Five Thunderbolt Devices for Lightning-Fast Data Transfers

Looking to add some speed to your rig's storage gear? Thunderbolt is ready to take you to new heights.

How to Make Your Own Network Cables

We show you how to clean up the rat's nest of cables behind your PC by making custom-length network cables and wiring your own network jacks.

16 PC Mysteries Solved!

Our digital detectives uncover the truth behind some of tech’s most baffling questions.