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How we tested the nation's networks

Our approach to testing wireless service has always been to closely replicate how people use wireless service in the real world, and then measure how well it really works. That’s why we do the testing ourselves.

laptop deals

Electronics deals are skimpy on the eve of Memorial Day sales

Memorial Day touts the start of summer sales, but bargain-hunters might do well to be patient and wait for a few upcoming events that will bring real deals.

A Google Glass store makes sense because buying them at Best Buy will suck big time

The rumored Google Glass stores be a powerful branding tool for the still-nascent cult of Glass. But they will be a place to avoid the hell of buying them at a national chain.


Taxes Piggybank

How much tax do big tech companies pay?

U.S. tech companies routinely use clever accounting and offshore holdings to reduce their tax bills, in some cases dramatically.


7 things you need to know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is booming, but don't buy the hype before you read our guide.

A crowd of Chinese people wait outside an Apple Store in Beijing to buy an iPhone 4.

Apple apologizes to China over warranty policies

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to Chinese consumers over concerns about its warranty policies after government-run media attacked the company for its customer service.

Get those jeans delivered today via Google

Google wants to take the immediacy of online search and apply it to something a little more tangible: retail. Starting Thursday, a small pool of shoppers can begin to test out an experimental same-day delivery service for certain products bought online.


Look in the mirror: Adults apparently text while driving even more than teens do

Despite strict laws, awareness campaignsm and the desperate pleas of Oprah Winfrey, people can't stop texting while driving.


Our 25 favorite lifestyle websites

They might be obscure, but they're also some of the best online destinations for shopping, travel, literature, DIY and more.


Are there 60 votes in the Senate for online sales taxes?

Congress is expected this week to take up a non-binding amendment to test support for online sales tax collections.

Feds will need a search warrant to read your email if new bill passes

The government will soon need a search warrant to go through your e-mail, if a bipartisan bill introduced on Tuesday in the Senate passes.


Bitcoin processor links web shopping carts to's shipping and bitcoin now have an interesting link: A popular e-commerce shopping cart for merchants can now accept bitcoin payments and move orders to Amazon for shipping.


The FTC says identity theft retains its throne as No.1 consumer scourge

Identity theft is the top consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for the 13th year in a row.

Privacy group: Google sharing too much personal info with developers

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the California Office of the Attorney General should investigate Google's Wallet service for sharing app buyers' personal information with app developers, a privacy group said.


Microsoft steps up 'Scroogle' campaign against Google with advocacy twist

As Microsoft pushed out of preview mode today, analysts said the company's "Scroogled" attack ads, which fired shots at Google's Gmail two weeks ago, were effective.