Don't-Miss Consumer advice Stories

Take your smartphone to lunch and let it pay for you

Restaurants such as the California-based grilled cheese chain The Melt streamline your dining experience with online ordering, apps, and QR codes.


Inside the shadowy underground of 'anything, anywhere' cloud-based printing

Cloud-connected printers are everywhere, but how hard is it to collect your paperwork? We went to a private school and Twitter's corporate office to find out.

Rakuten, Japan's 'Amazon,' launches U.S. brand, the former

Visitors to what used to be will see changes on the front page this week—including a pronunciation guide for its new name.

iOS apps for resellers

Let your mobile device help you make money through online (or offline) reselling.


Should you upgrade to Windows 8 while it's still $40?

The opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $40 will vanish on Jan. 31. Should you rush out to buy a cheap upgrade license? Maybe. But only after reading this.

The dirty and dangerous side of tech

Your gadgets may be full of stuff that hurts the environment, other people, and maybe even you.


Get the Help You Need Without the Hold Time

Obtaining tech product support and resolving customer service issues can be aggravating. Turn to these sites and tips for faster results.

How to return your gadget gifts without any runaround

Unhappy with a gift or other seasonal tech purchase? Here’s our advice for hassle-free returns and exchanges, online and in person.

U.S. Congress may not have stomach for another SOPA/PIPA fight

As a new session of the U.S. Congress convenes in early 2013, don't expect lawmakers to rush out a new version of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) or the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

Last-minute online gifting for apps, movies, music, and books

Stuck without a gift close to Christmas? Never fear: If your relatives like apps, books, movies, musics, or TV shows, there's a very simple solution to this dilemma -- electronic gift certificates.


FTC tightens privacy rules for kids’ apps

App platforms such as Apple’s App Store are exempt from new FTC regulations that require apps to obtain parental consent before following children’s online behavior.


Apple MacBooks lead in laptop features and reliability

Apple continues to dominate the world of laptops. When we surveyed our readers, they gave the company the highest scores in almost all of our satisfaction measurements.

Samsung leads a tightly grouped pack in printer satisfaction

Our reader survey indicates that consumers are largely satisfied with their printers, though overall satisfaction levels have declined since 2009.

Apple and Lenovo desktop PCs tops in satisfaction

In our reader survey evaluating desktop satisfaction and reliability, performance was the most critical feature.

45,000 PCWorld readers name the brands they love (and love to hate)

Who makes the most reliable computers and gadgets? We asked a small army of PCWorld readers to rate the companies that made their desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and printers. The results might change your perceptions of which companies to trust.