Don't-Miss E3 Stories

Xbox One owners will be able to sell, share games, but not rent them

Microsoft Xbox One owners will be able to sell and share games, Microsoft said on Thursday, although third-party publishers can opt out if they choose.


Halo: Spartan Assault brings Microsoft's blockbuster series to Windows 8 and WP8

Microsoft's new-look operating systems are finally getting a Halo game of their own.

Shield (1)

Nvidia sturdies its Shield gaming handheld prior to release

Nvidia's CEO showed an updated version of the company's Shield portable gaming device at the Computex trade show Tuesday, and said it will start shipping the device later this month to customers who pre-ordered it.


ea online pass

EA confirms existing games will also ditch Online Pass

Electronic Arts is dropping its unpopular Online Pass program not only for new titles, but for its existing line as well.


Xbox One should accelerate development of learning robots

Ashutosh Saxena bought an Xbox to play computer games at home, but discovered that the Kinect motion-detection technology it includes provides a rich tool for his robotics lab where he's trying to create robots that learn what humans are up to and try to help out.


Xbox One TV achievements could reward (and manipulate) couch potatoes

A new Microsoft patent suggests TV-based achievements could be coming to an Xbox One console near you.

Microsoft explains the Xbox One's cloud-enhanced graphics

Developers will be able to tap into the power of the cloud to boost the graphics in Xbox One games. It's an intriguing idea, but it could cement the need for the console to have an internet connection.

Xbox One Questions

Gamestop: Xbox One will be priced less than the Xbox 360

The game retailer says it expects that the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One will be priced less than their predecessors - and that there will be fewer buyers, too.

Next-generation Kinect for Windows won't be for the average user

The new-and-improved Kinect that's shipping with the Xbox One later this year will find its way to Windows in 2014. But don't expect it to replace your mouse and webcam.

Major Nelson teases E3 for Xbox One news

Xbox Live developer and community personality Major Nelson answered questions about the upcoming Microsoft game console.

Will Microsoft allow Xbox One game rentals? Even rental companies don't know

You would think that Gamefly and Gamestop would be able to clarify how renting and selling used Xbox One games will work.

Xbox One Questions

Microsoft Xbox One: Five important things we still don't know

For all the things we do know about Microsoft's Xbox One, there’s a lot of things we still don’t. For instance, how much will the console cost and when it will be released?


New Microsoft Kinect enters PC motion-controller wars

Microsoft's new Kinect goes up against companies like Leap Motion and Thalmic Labs to bring motion control to PCs.

Sony to stream PlayStation games to non-consoles as part of turnaround

Sony will leverage its streaming technology to bring PlayStation games to devices other than dedicated consoles as part of its ongoing turnaround, but said gaming profits will still suffer and lowered sales targets for its smartphones and cameras.


Microsoft Xbox One announcements at a glance

Microsoft Tuesday unveiled its newest generation of the Xbox, which aims to interactively unite every essential piece of your entertainment setup and create an inclusive media experience.