Don't-Miss Encryption Stories

Benefits of Google Encrypted Search

Google's new SSL-encrypted search guards search data crossing the Web, and locally.

Encrypted Search Comes to Google

Analysis: Hide your searches from packet sniffers that want to know what you're looking for.

Share Wireless Safely with Friends

USANomad asked the Answer Line forum how to let visiting friends wirelessly access the Internet but not his PC

Free 7-Zip Does More than Windows' Built-In Tool

7-Zip provides advanced archive features like zip-and-mail and AES encryption, free-of-charge.

Imation Debuts Line of Secure Removable Storage Devices

Imation announced a flurry of new removable storage products from hard drives and flash drives to encrypted optical media.

Symantec Embraces Encryption with New Acquisitions

Symantec jumps into encryption arena with purchase of PGP and GuardianEdge.

Freebie AxCrypt Helps You Make Single Files More Secure

Encrypt individual files, turn them into executables, or remove all traces with AxCrypt.

Send Secure Info Over the Internet

Michael asked how to safely email passwords, account numbers, and other sensitive information

Backing Up an Open File

Ming Lai wants to know how backup programs handle files that are currently open and changing

Intel Atom Netbooks Get Whole-disk Encryption

Netbook users worried about storing sensitive data on their portables are being offered the world's first whole-disk encryption that will run useably on Intel's...

GSM Encryption Cracked, Showing Its Age

Security researchers have compiled cracking tables making it almost trivial to eavesdrop on GSM mobile phone calls.

Freenet Lets You Browse the Web Freely

Protect your privacy when you browse the Web--wherever you may be--with Freenet.

Easy Email Encryption Lite Lives up to Its Name

Encrypt your e-mail messages with Easy Email Encryption Lite to keep your business from prying eyes.

Avoid Windows Encryption

Belialxyn asked the Answer Line forum how to retrieve encrypted files after reinstalling Windows