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Want to keep your important files hidden? Here's how to encrypt your entire hard drive with DiskCryptor.

How to Encrypt Files With Your Windows PC

Here's how to use DiskCryptor, BitLocker, or TrueCrypt to encrypt sensitive documents or even entire hard drives in Windows.

How to Use TrueCrypt to Encrypt Your Sensitive Documents

Here's how to set up a virtual encrypted disk in TrueCrypt to protect specific important files.

How to Use BitLocker to Encrypt Your Hard Drive

Here's how to use Windows's built-in BitLocker feature to encrypt your entire hard drive.

Hackers Crack Internet Encryption: Should You Be Worried?

BEAST is an exploit developed by security researchers to break the TLS 1.0 encryption used by most major browsers and websites. Here’s how it works, and how you can protect yourself.

Why GlobalSign Made the Right Move to Suspend New Certificates

Here's what GlobalSign's move means, and how to evaluate a certificate authority for your business website.

Is Cloud-Based Backup Safe?

Melissa has her doubts about backing up online. Could her data be stolen?

How to Encrypt a Hard Drive

Use encryption to prevent outsiders from gaining easy access to data on your hard drives and flash drives.


How to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Protect your wireless network against intrusion.

How to Password-Protect a Folder in Windows 7

A reader wants to know if there's a way to lock down a folder without installing third-party software. Here are some options, both with and without software.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Dropbox Authentication Error

Businesses need to review cloud permissions and policies in light of online file storage security mishap.

Researchers Claim Memory Encryption Breakthrough

Researchers say they've achieved a breakthrough in how encryption can be used in technology called non-volatile main memory.

Dropbox Speaks Out on Data Security Controversy

I spoke with Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston to get the Dropbox side of the story on the encryption and terms of service controversy.

Dropbox Drops the Ball on Data Security

Dropbox is accused in an FTC complaint of lying and deliberately misleading customers about just how secure data is on the cloud-based storage service.

PCWorld Exclusive: Laplink's PC Lock Secures Notebook PCs

New utility PC Lock provides secure encryption as well as Web management for your important data.