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raiden scorpion mk x

Mortal Kombat X hands-on preview: Kombat refined

Mortal Kombat X refines Mortal Kombat's reboot of the storied, spine-ripping franchise.

dice awards logo

DICE Awards: The full list of winners from gaming's Oscars

Shadow of Mordor ran away with the show -- until another game swooped in to steal Game of the Year at the last second.


Warning! Bogus Razer Comms game chat app comes loaded with malware

This may be the first time attackers have used bogus game communication doppelgangers to get at gamers, Malwarebytes says.

pillars of eternity

Obsidian apparently greenlit a sequel to Pillars of Eternity, and the game isn't even out

Obsidian's Baldur's Gate-style RPG revival won't be released until March, but apparently the company is already moving forward with a sequel. Bold move, Cotton.

battlefield hardline boom

Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer beta impressions: Doling out so-called 'justice'

Meet the new Battlefield multiplayer, same as the old Battlefield multiplayer, but with icky police brutality overtones.

Watch out DirectX 12! Valve, Khronos to reveal next-gen OpenGL successor at GDC

Details about glNext, the next-gen OpenGL successor, will be revealed at GDC in March. Should DirectX 12 and AMD's Mantle be scared?

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne

Blizzard adds Warcraft III assets to StarCraft II mod tools (and you can play free)

Heroes, character models, audio barks, music—over 3,000 Warcraft III assets are headed to StarCraft.


Humble Star Wars Bundle is better than the entire prequel trilogy combined

Get six classic Star Wars games just for paying more than the average in the latest Humble Bundle.

Dying Light

Dying Light review: This fun, free-running zombie slaughterfest trips over the details

Dying Light could've been a classic zombie game, but it's let down by a pretty bland story and mission structure.

raptr logo

Raptr service powering AMD's Gaming Evolved app hacked, passwords and user info stolen

Raptr's a popular PC gaming service that powers AMD's Gaming Evolved client--and it's been hacked.

everquest hero

Sony sells off Sony Online Entertainment, maker of EverQuest and H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment becomes an independent game development studio.

The Who in VR

This week in games: The Who embrace VR, Homeworld gets remastered, and more

Plus Battlefield: Hardline gets 'beta' dates, Bud Light gets free publicity, and Disney forgets the face of its father. Here's all the gaming news for the week of January 26.

originpc chronos 1160

Why the Steam Machine's war against Windows gaming looks more doomed by the day

Steam Machines sounded so good on paper... but they've remained on paper after a long delay, and the need for a Windows alternative diminishes by the day.

nvidia geforce gtx 970 stylized

Nvidia clarifies: No specific GTX 970 driver to improve memory allocation performance planned

The GeForce GTX 970 has an unorthodox memory design that can affect performance in odd situations. Nvidia's planning a driver update that should alleviate the issue.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange Ep. 1 review: Finding the strange in everyday life

Imagine if Telltale made a Juno video game, and that gets pretty close to the essence of Life is Strange.