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Xbox One game streaming

Xbox One-to-PC streaming is nearly here

Microsoft shows off streaming games from the Xbox One to a Windows tablet, and (not surprisingly) it looks fantastic.

AMD delays FreeSync support for PCs with multiple Radeon graphics cards

Crossfire woes still trouble AMD's FreeSync monitors, but you probably shouldn't buy a FreeSync OR G-Sync display unless you're a diehard anyway.

Here's an Xbox One streaming games to Windows 10

Raw video from Microsoft Build, showing gameplay streamed from an Xbox One console to a Windows 10 laptop.

witch square enix 1 demo

Powerful DirectX 12 game demo points to a way out of Uncanny Valley

The inability to emulate human emotions in CG characters is one aspect that makes them so creepy, but a demo showed off at Build 2015 may point to a way out of the uncanny valley.

gaming pc

PC gaming is finally getting a dedicated E3 event

E3 is typically a console-centric show, but the PC Gaming Show aims to shine a spotlight on the most powerful gaming platform around.

windows 10 edge html

With Microsoft's Edge, playing browser games could help your Xbox gamerscore

The Web integration gives legitimacy to browser-based gaming that it didn’t have before.


Steam now lets developers sniff out cheaters and swing the banhammer

Tired of cheaters? Valve now lets developers detect and ban "disruptive players" from games semi-autonomously.


Now you can embed classic MS-DOS games in tweets

You already knew the Internet Archive has a catalog of DOS games that are playable in the browser. But did you know you can now play them in Twitter too?

ultima8 2

Free game alert: Origin’s latest “On the House” game is Ultima VIII

Sure, it's not even close to the quality of Ultima VII. But hey, it's free.

Alienware Graphics Amplifier: It boosts a laptop with Titan X graphics

Instead of replacing your Alienware laptop, you can connect it to the Graphics Amplifier and give it full desktop-level graphics power.


Steam kills off controversial paid mods feature for Skyrim

Following four days of player anger, Steam finally puts the kibosh on paid mods for Skyrim. But maybe not for other games?


4 ways PC gamers think Steam could fix the paid mods debacle

Not everyone wants to tear down Steam after its messy venture into paid mods. Here are some more constructive solutions from the community.

PCWorld News

Can gamification solve enterprises' engagement problem?

Big data and other new technologies are fueling the use of gaming principles in the workplace


Days later, Steam community is still in an uproar over paid mods debacle

It's been four long, tumultuous days to be a PC gamer. We round up what happened this past weekend, from Gabe Newell's Reddit Q&A to mod theft to in-game pop-ups.

Dungeons 2

Dungeons 2 review: Almost the Dungeon Keeper 3 you've been waiting for

Dungeons 2 is neither a great RTS nor a great Dungeon Keeper game. But it's pretty good at both.

Alan Wake

This week in games: GTA V mods, the Alan Wake 2 that could have been, and more

Plus: That Mad Max game looks amazing, someone beat Bloodborne with a Rock Band guitar, and WWE is coming to the PC—this is gaming news for the week of April 20.


Valve now allows devs to charge for Steam Workshop mods, community riots

Valve says it's to support mod developers. Community says Valve is made up of money-grubbing Hitlers. The truth is maybe somewhere in the middle.