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alienware amplifier cable

The Holy Grail of notebook PCs, external graphics, is coming soon via Oculink

Oculink, designed for external PCI Express graphics on notebooks and PCs, could give laptops the graphics punch they need for gaming after hours.

call of duty blops3 7

Call of Duty: Black Ops III preview: More Call of Duty, less Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops III appears poised to ignore everything that makes the Black Ops series so great, in favor of mechs and futuristic warfare.

samsung 4k freesync monitory primary

Samsung first 4K FreeSync displays hit streets ahead of AMD's Fury X launch

Samsung has introduced its first FreeSync-compatible 4K monitors in time for AMD's Radeon R9 Fury X rollout.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Warning! Batman: Arkham Knight (PC) suffers from crippling performance issues

If hundreds (thousands?) of angry gamers can be believed, Arkham Knight is totally busted on the PC. We let Steam users tell you how they feel.

sierra kings quest screen5

The King's Quest reboot embraces everything that made old-school adventure games so wonderful

Scripted zaniness galore. An unreliable narrator. King's Quest looks to be shaping up into something special.

PC Hardware, E3 2015

Mambas, Pip Boys, and Area 51: The eye-catching PC hardware of E3 2015

E3 2015 was a banner year for PC games, but not PC hardware. Nevertheless there were some amazing physical finds tucked into the LA Convention Center's nooks and crannies.

xcom 2

XCOM 2's turned tides make humanity feel like a desperate underdog

The aliens have occupied earth in XCOM 2—but are the splintered XCOM forces freedom fighters or terrorists?

Hands-on with Fove, the crowdfunded VR headset that tracks your gaze

Most virtual reality headsets track your head position, but Fove's VR headset tracks your eyes themselves.

Inside Indiecade, E3's indie gaming bastion

E3 is dominated by big-budget displays for triple-A, multi-million dollar games--but not at the Indiecade booth. Here's a look at some of the indie gaming scene's brightest stars.

shadow warrior 2

The 10 most exciting PC games of E3 2015

It was a banner year for PC gaming at E3, but these are the best of the best: The 10 PC games that most set our hearts a-flutter.

Ghost Recon Wildlands preview: Thoughtful military action in a truly open world

Trisha Hershberger demos the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Demo, which has a non-scripted, non-linear story, so the player can create their own destiny within the game.

Rock Band 4

Rocking out with Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4, two very different rhythm games

Rock Band is back! So is Guitar Hero! We went hands-on with both at E3 to compare and contrast their approaches to a familiar genre.

anno 2205

Anno 2205 hands-on: This city builder shoots for the moon

Two words: Moon cities.


Microsoft's augmented reality Halo is breathtaking, but HoloLens still needs work

Microsoft's augmented reality demos have been awe-inspiring on stage, but HoloLens still needs a lot of work before it's ready for prime time.

Oculus Rift consumer version eyes-on: Virtual worlds you won't want to leave

The Oculus Rift headset gives gamers an immersive virtual reality experience with sharp graphics and captivating sounds.

How Sword Coast Legends put the 'DM' in 'CRPG'

Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition game, Sword Coast Legends, introduces DM mode and lets the player create custom settings including locations, characters and dialogue.

6 17 2015 4 12 50 pm

Meet AMD's radical Project Quantum PC, a showcase for its new Fiji GPU

Here's how AMD jammed 17.2 teraflops of performance into a tiny, liquid-cooled PC

Battleborn's Chris Thomas Interview

Battleborn is a first person shooter game with 25 unique playable characters on a quest to save the universe.

Sword Coast Legends

Why Sword Coast Legends is the digital Dungeon & Dragons RPG you've been waiting for

Sword Coast Legends' Dungeon Master mode and custom campaigns make this game a love letter to CRPG enthusiasts. It's even officially sanctioned by Dungeons & Dragons.

samsung game recording

Samsung launches app to record your mobile gaming highlights

Game Recorder+ lets you create Twitch-style clips, as long as you're using a Samsung device.

Total War: Warhammer interview: Inside the audacious mash-up of two beloved gaming franchises

Total War and Warhammer have combined forces to make a fantasy game that uses hand crafted animations and aims to please both fan bases.

moo screeens picture 07

Master of Orion reboot hands-on: A PC gaming classic dragged into the modern era

Wargaming's rebooting Master of Orion and the Alkari have never looked--or sounded--so good.