Don't-Miss Gaming Stories

Nvidia Shield PC game streaming

Nvidia Shield update adds anywhere, everywhere PC game streaming

The addition of Remote Gamestream technology means you can stream games from your PC to your Shield no matter where you are.

steamcontroller primary

Hands-on: Valve's Steam Controller tries to replace your mouse and keyboard

Valve's hoping haptic trackpads will work as well as keyboards and mice for future Steam Machine owners. Hayden Dingman takes the Steam Controller for a test drive.

Origin Genesis Variable Mounting

Origin Genesis Variable Mounting review: An ultraluxury gaming machine in an innovative enclosure

Maximum cooling or maximum coolness factor? This boutique gaming PC lets you orient the motherboard to suit your preference. And for this price, it'd better.

realmyst 1

RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition review: The same Myst you know and love, but prettier

Meet the new Myst, a lot like the old Myst - but with vastly improved graphics. Does the classic stand up to the test of time?

xbox one

Xbox One's price disadvantage disappears with new bundle

Best Buy and Walmart are offering a bundle that makes Microsoft's Xbox One cheaper than the Sony Playstation 4.

oculus dk2

To Oculus and beyond: Peering into the future of virtual reality at GDC 2014

If the sea of virtual reality headsets, peripherals, games, and even MOVIES are any indication, the future's already here.

mantle vs dx12

DirectX 12 vs. Mantle: Comparing PC gaming's software-supercharged future

What's the difference between DirectX 12 and AMD's Mantle? Why should you even care? Here's the answers you need to know.

directx 12 logo

Meet the future of PC graphics: Microsoft reveals faster, console-like DirectX 12

Witness the future of gaming graphics: Leaner, meaner, and closer to the metal.

oculus dk2

Oculus founder: Sony's Project Morpheus will help spark interest in virtual reality

"It's really cool to see other people entering the VR space," Palmer Luckey told us at this week's Game Developer Conference.

Gaming Keyboard roundup

Klash of the keyboards: We mash down hard on six all-new mechanical models

Do your fingers, wrists and gameplay a favor: Dump that crummy freebie you've been using and upgrade to one of these bad boys.

Feenix Autore

Feenix Autore review: A pretty keyboard lacking in features

Supposedly inspired by the monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey," this board is both gorgeous and somewhat disappointingly minimalist.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate review: Did Razer design a better switch?

Razer designed its own custom switches for this keyboard. And they're great (for gaming, that is).

Logitech G710+

Logitech G710+ review: The latest in a string of excellent efforts

Minimalist it ain't, but it's still comparatively restrained and attractive for a macro-key-enabled gaming keyboard.

Ozone StrikePro

Ozone Strike Pro review: A solid, but unremarkable effort

A blood-red backlight and customizable keyswitches are highlights, but not enough to set this slab apart from the rest.