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'Payday' maker Starbreeze jumps into virtual reality with new Project StarVR headset

First there was Oculus. Then there was Valve. And now...Starbreeze? Surprise!

Fallout 4

E3 2015: Your survival guide for when the games industry invades Los Angeles

It's time for trailers, for loud dubstep, countless Inception-style bass drops, and "Welcome to the new age" hammered into your eardrums for hours on end. It's time for E3 2015.

Fallout 4 primary

The E3 2015 games we're (already) looking forward to most

Thanks to publishers' spoiling all their surprises ahead of time, we already have a pretty good idea what to expect at E3 2015.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube takes on Twitch head-to-head with launch of new YouTube Gaming site

What's an enormous corporation to do when its acquisition plans are foiled? Apparently the answer is "try to grind the competition into fine purple dust."


The best hidden deals lurking inside the Steam Summer Sale

We plumbed through Steam's steamiest jungles and driest deserts to come up with some of the Summer Sale's best bargains—away from the front page.

PCWorld News

Sony says it beat Microsoft to top in US console sales

The PlayStation 4 has sold more than 20 million units to date, according to Sony

Oculus unveils Rift headset

The Rift will ship by March of next year with an Xbox One game controller.

oculus rift consumer june 11 2015

Oculus announces new Touch hand-tracker and details first games for the consumer-edition Rift

Oculus Rift's long-awaited consumer version might not beat the Vive to market, but it's not going down without a fight. We've got the latest details inside.

steamsummer 2

The 2015 Steam (Monster) Summer Sale kicks off today

Blue skies, the smell of sunscreen, and the sound of wallets crying out in terror—it's time for the biggest games sale of the year.


Technobabylon review: Do androids dream of point-and-click adventure games?

Eating human meat, experimenting on human embryos, and surfing the Internet—this is Technobabylon's cyberpunk world.

PCWorld News

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, June 10

Apple Music probed for antitrust violations... North Korea rattles cyber-saber

xbox one wireless adapter for windows

The Xbox One wireless controller adapter is exclusive to Windows 10 for...reasons

If Microsoft "cares" so much about the open nature of PC gaming, maybe it should stop locking things away behind arbitrary walls.


Microsoft bulks up to a 1TB Xbox One, ahead of rumored 1TB Sony PS4

With the E3 gaming conference looming, the console wars are ramping up--and Xbox One needs every edge it can get against the dominant PlayStation platform.

PCWorld News

How virtual reality could change your business

Virtual reality has been '10 years away for 40 years,' says one CEO, but it's now on our doorstep

tower defense apps android

The best tower defense games on Android

If you're into strategy and out-thinking an invading enemy, then these are the games that you should be playing.


falcontiki 100571806 large

Steam Machines revealed: Full details and pictures for every model

Valve's Steam Machine lineup is as varied in hardware as it is in price. Here's everything we know about all 15 models announced thus far.