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Hands-on: Razer Game Booster adds synced cloud saves for multi-PC gamers

No more worrying about whether your game supports Steam Cloud.

Diablo III

Diablo III's 2.0.1 update might as well be a sequel to Diablo III

With Loot 2.0, it's almost like the original Diablo III never existed. Almost.

Xbox One headset

Twitch TV game streaming to land on Xbox One alongside Titanfall

Between Twitch and Titanfall, March 11 is shaping up to be a busy day for the Xbox One.


Microsoft's giving Titanfall away for free in limited Xbox One bundle

Microsoft's biggest exclusive gets bundled in a limited-time offer.


Thief review: A game torn between tradition and today

They rebooted Thief, and it's not as bad as everyone feared—but also not as good as everyone hoped.

tony hawk

Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

For the week of February 17: the best Humble Bundle in ages, people caring about the US Postal Service, and our favorite bird on a skateboard makes his triumphant (maybe) return.

Nvidia Shield PC game streaming

Nvidia Shield's 'GameStream' PC streaming is a tantalizing taste of the future

Nvidia's superb Shield handheld lets you play your PC games anywhere in your house - with a few caveats.

Xbox One controller

Xbox One beta program lets adventurous gamers test system updates early

Starting with the March update, Microsoft will be soliciting feedback from users on its Xbox One updates.


Call of Duty Ghosts

Play Call of Duty: Ghosts for free this weekend

The popular shooter is free to play this weekend and this weekend only.

xbox one media remote

Microsoft announces $25 Xbox One Media Remote

Starting in March, you won't need to yell at your TV like a schmuck.



Doom 4 beta access included with Wolfenstein pre-orders

Surprise! After six years of development, that Doom sequel/reboot/something still exists.


Steam's Linux game count explodes in one year, big publishers still absent

333 games available, mostly from independent publishers and developers.


Valve responds to Steam browser spying allegations: It's for cheaters, not porn

Despite the rumors, managing director Gabe Newell swears his company doesn't care about your gross browsing habits.

Bioshock screenshot

BioShock developer Irrational Games abruptly shuts down

Despite BioShock Infinite's critical acclaim and good sales, Ken Levine announced that Irrational is closing its doors and laying off all but fifteen people.

Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black

Nvidia tweaks its Titan: Meet the bigger, badder GeForce GTX Titan Black

Higher clock speeds for gamers; same double-precision for developers.