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House Panel to Move Forward on Stop Online Piracy Act

A U.S. House of Representatives committee has scheduled a debate and vote on controversial copyright legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act, with the bill's...


Lawmakers Release Draft Alternative to Stop Online Piracy Act

Two U.S. lawmakers have released an alternative proposal to two controversial bills intended to crack down on online copyright infringement, and they're asking...


Music Service Deezer Goes Global

Deezer is planning to roll out its streaming music service in more than 200 countries, the company announced at the Le Web conference in Paris on Wednesday.


Tech Gifts Under $100

Our reasonably priced gift suggestions are perfect for home-theater owners, music lovers, gamers, Star Wars fans, the eco-conscious, and more.


Apple Defends Siri's Naiveté

Apple answers criticism from human rights organizations about Siri's failure to understand queries about birth control and abortion.

Lawmakers Propose Alternative to Stop Online Piracy Act

A group of U.S. lawmakers has proposed an alternative to the controversial copyright enforcement legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act, with the draft proposal...


Spotify Unveils Platform for External Developers to Create Music Apps

Spotify on Wednesday launched a development platform designed to let third parties create applications that integrate with its popular digital music-streaming service.


Apple and Spotify Create Ripples in the Streaming Music World

Spotify is now open to anyone and iCloud and iTunes Match are on their way, leaving other music service competitors scrambling to compete.


US Agencies Seize 150 Sites Accused of Selling Counterfeit Goods

The Justice Department and Customs agents have seized the domain names of 150 websites accused of selling counterfeit products.


Cops Encrypt Radio to Stop Cell Phone Eavesdropping

Police are concerned about public snooping of police radios by using smartphones, and some are moving their communication to fully encrypted channels.

20 Great Gifts for the Tech Obsessed

Here's some great advice for present for the tech maven in your life (and cool tech to consider for yourself).


Apple Kicks Off Black Friday Sale

Save some money today on an iPad, iPod Touch, MacBook, and iMac or accessories. Shop both online and in Apple stores.


20 Awesome Black Friday Tech Deals

Here's a quick roundup of deals on all kinds of tech goodies available in this year's Black Friday holiday sales.


Senator Threatens Filibuster of Protect IP Act as Vote Nears

The Protect IP Act, which would allow the U.S. Department of Justice to seek court orders focused on shutting down websites accused of copyright infringement...


Google's Next Targets: iTunes and Amazon Music

Google has announced a new service, Google Music, that's cheaper than both the $20 Amazon MP3, and Apple's $25 iTunes Match.