Don't-Miss Music player Stories

Google Music and Movies: Your Questions Answered

Google's new music- and movie-streaming services--we have the answers to your burning questions.

Google Reportedly Launching Online Music Locker Service

Google is expected to announce Tuesday its new music service, that will allow users to store their music online, according to reports.


Apple iTunes Alternatives: Make Managing Your Music Easy

We're tired of Apple's iTunes, and we won't use it anymore. Here are some of the music-management alternatives we like.


10 Major Apple iTunes Annoyances

Apple's iTunes music management software is slow, irrational, and downright annoying--especially for Windows users. Let us count the ways.


Amazon Cloud Player Now Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Amazon's cloud-based music service now is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Warning, there are some bugs.

Analysts Split on iPhone Over the Air Update Buzz

Apple won't let iPhone users update the smartphone's iOS over the air because it wants people regularly returning to iTunes, an analyst said today.


China's Baidu Launching Free Legal Music Downloads

China's largest search engine Baidu is preparing to offer free legal music downloads, as part of a push by the company to move away from its reputation as a...


Ads Fair Exchange for Free Tunes, Study Shows

Research reveals consumers in Southeast Asia are willing to watch advertisements in order to get free music.


Stop the Cloud, I Want to Get Off!

While every business is rushing to the 'cloud,' I find myself wishing for the days of good ol' local access.


A Free Version of MOG is On the Way

A free version of the music-streaming service MOG is in the works and expected to be ready in a couple of months.


Paper Record Player Makes for the Coolest Wedding Invitation Ever

The paper record player is the new way to spread the news of your special day (and your music).


Facebook Facial Recognition: Its Quiet Rise and Dangerous Future

New facial recognition technology used to identify your friends in photos could have some interesting applications--and some scary possibilities.


Report: China to Punish Search Giant Baidu for Illegal Music

China's Ministry of Culture will punish the country's largest search engine Baidu for providing illegal music downloads, according to a report from the state-run...


T-Mobile Brings VoIP Capabilities to Facebook

T-Mobile is staking out its position as Facebook's official voice carrier, as the company today announced a VoIP application that lets Facebook users call their...

HP Plans Cloud Music Locker for TouchPad Tablet

Expected online music service could beat Apple and Google offerings if it accompanies HP's tablet.