Don't-Miss Music player Stories

Hack Turns iPhone and Wiimote Into Invisible Instruments

With this hack, you don't need a band to make music--all you need is a Wiimote and iPhone. Read on to learn more, and to see how you can help turn this project into an actual iPhone app!


10 Things Killed by the Smartphone

It's a lean, mean killing machine, and--in variations like Thunderbolt and iPhone--it can't be stopped. The dead include MP3 players and personal video players. What else is likely to expire?


Google Buys PushLife to Challenge iTunes

The battle for convenience in smartphone music management is just beginning, and Google is building its arsenal.


Google Acquires Music Sync Company PushLife

Google has acquired Canadian mobile application developer PushLife, the companies said Monday.

11 Geekiest Musical Artists of All Time

Artists who were able to keep their geekiness intact after gaining a following, ranging in music style from hip-hop to experimental folk.


Google Music: Coming Soon, Kinda-Sorta-Maybe

Hot on the heels of the launch of Amazon's Cloud Drive, new signs of Google's music-streaming service are showing up around the Web. But will they actually amount to anything?

Kinect Hacked to Teleconference, Is Now Cooler Than Skype

As Kinect hacks get more awesome, they also get more useful, like this video conferencing hack.


Google's Music Search Service Vanishes

Analysis: Google Music Search quietly disappears -- perhaps in anticipation of the arrival of Google Music?


China's Baidu to Compensate Songwriters for Music Downloads

China's largest search engine Baidu said it will start paying an agency representing songwriters for every music download on the site, after years of being...


Amazon's Cloud Drive Riles Music Industry

The music industry is poised to strike at every possible infringement--Amazon's new cloud music service is their latest target.


Amazon Cloud Drive: It's All About Android Domination, Baby

Analysis: Amazon's new Cloud Drive music-streaming service has the potential to seriously shake up the Android landscape.


Amazon Launches Smartphone Music Streaming in US

Amazon's new Cloud Drive online storage service allows customers to store music in the cloud and, in the U.S., stream it to an Android app or through a Web...

Tunebug Turns Tabletops Into Boom Boxes

Tunebug turns pretty much any hard surface into a decent speaker for digital music


Amazon Beats Google to Cloud Music Service

Too slow, Google and announced a cloud-based music service Monday night.

RIAA Thinks LimeWire Owes $75 Trillion in Damages

The music industry argues the file-sharing site LimeWire should pay for copyright infringement for 11,000 songs, and even the judge thinks the labels are insane.