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The Best Phones You'll See at CES!

We have video of the hottest new phones: The HTC Thunderbolt and the LG Optimus 2X. Smartphone expert Ginny Mies tells you the way to go...


New Dolby System Looks to Improve Laptop Sound

Acer Aspire laptops get upgraded with Dolby speakers.


New Movies and Music Tech from ShowStoppers at CES!

Senior editor Mark Sullivan is back from the floor of ShowStoppers at CES to show off Plex, a $5 iPhone app (free on your Mac) that allows you to stream media from the Internet or any supported device -- phone, PC or TV -- to any other with no hardware required. Up next we show you Cinemin, a pico projector/audio dock combo that transforms your portable device into a theater experience.

Cool Tech Toys From ShowStoppers at CES!

Executive Editor Robert Strohmeyer takes you on a tour of some cool CES gadgets on display at the ShowStoppers event, including a PC microphone that makes you sound like T-Pain and cute voice-activated bunny rabbits that can update Facebook or read your mail to you.


BitTorrent to Put Its Stamp on Taiwanese Electronics

BitTorrent will work with a Taiwanese research institute to develop a certification for local electronics makers who want to put its filesharing applications in their products.


Hacked iTunes Accounts Continue to Sell in China

The sale of iTunes accounts that have reportedly been hacked has yet to be stopped by Apple or the Chinese e-commerce site hosting the sellers.


CES 2011: PCWorld's Up-To-The Minute Coverage

Our editors fan out across Las Vegas to bring you the latest in news, hands-on previews, slideshows, and videos from the big tech show.


New Creative Gaming Headset Has 50mm Drivers, No Wires

Creative's new wireless gaming headset works with a variety of games like WoW and other role playing games.


Doctor Who, Top Gear Speakers From Speakal

Speakal’s putting out a pair of themed speakers for the British TV fan in your household.


Invent Stuff Using the Cloud and Get Rich!

Senior Editor Tim Moynihan found a web-based company that lets you upload your inventions, use the could to refine the idea, and then distribute the finished physical product over the web! Check it out!


Use Your Good Speakers Instead of Your Notebook's Puny Ones

Stream music from your WiDi enabled laptop with these new speakers from Logitech.


Motorola Droid Bionic: First Verizon LTE Phone Is Unleashed

Verizon's first LTE phone out the gate impresses with a 4.3-inch display, a front-facing camera, and a dual-core processor.

Microsoft Should Ditch 'Windows' Brand for Set-Top Software

Microsoft is expected launch a version of Windows for TV set-top boxes at CES 2011. Here's why using the Windows brand for these could be a bad idea.


iTunes 'Should Bring Prices Into Line With Amazon'

Eight out of 10 music fans want iTunes to adopt a pricing strategy more consistent with the rest of the industry, according to a survey.


5 Fixes for iTunes' Famous Flaws

Apple's iTunes has its flaws and isn't nearly as flexible as it should be. There are ways to fix some of the flaws via free or low-cost add-ons.