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Supreme Court Lets $675,000 Fine for Music Downloads Stand

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to consider the petition of Joel Tenenbaum, a former doctoral student at Boston University who faces a fine of US$675,000 for illegally downloading 30 songs.


Raditaz Gets Re-Designed, Also Gains Song Lyrics

Raditaz adds lyrics and artist bios to its music streaming service.


Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE Makes its Debut

Verizon's latest LTE phone runs Android 4.0 and has an 8-megapixel camera and built-in Beats Audio for music enhancement.


TechHive: Which Music Subscription Service Should You Use?

I looked at the major subscription services--Mog, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, and Spotify--to see how they shake out and which might be the best fit for you.

Free rtpMIDI Lets You Play Beautiful Music With Your iDevice and PC

rtpMIDI lets you control your PC's MIDI software and instruments using your Apple iPhone or iPad.


Dutch Developers Win Contest With Spotify Cover Scanner Mash-up

A team of Dutch developers won a 30-hour hacking challenge at the Next Web conference Thursday with a service that uses a webcam to scan album covers in the...


Music Artists Get 'Listen' Button on Facebook

The new Facebook feature is aimed at improving tune discovery on the giant social network.


'Seamless Unibody Headphones' in the Works at Apple

Apple could be working on seamless unibody headphones--which won't retain dirt--for its iPod and iPhone.


Samsung Announces Lower-Cost Android 4.0 Tablets

Our first impressions of the new models, shipping soon, is that Samsung is on the right path, but there's still room for more evolution in tablets.

Add Some Music to Your Memories

How to turn your family photos into a musical slideshow


iTunes and Amazon Fraudsters Get Prison Sentences

The fraudsters were accused of using online music management companies to upload UK-produced urban music albums and tracks for sale on Apple iTunes and


Competent, Easy-to-Use Magix Digital DJ

Magix Digital DJ 2 is extremely competent, but workmanlike in appearance for its ilk.


14 Tips and Tricks to Take Spotify to the Next Level

Here are some quick ways to greatly improve your experience with the innovative music service.


Music Service Deezer Adds Offline Mode to Browser Client

Using HTML5, music service Deezer has added an "offline mode" that can be accessed directly via a browser, the company said on Tuesday.


MegaUpload Founder Could Get His Property Returned

New Zealand authorities have admitted to making a procedural mistake before seizing Kim Dotcom's possessions.