Don't-Miss Mobile World Congress Stories

160221 lg rollingbot 2

Your cat will love LG's laser pointer-equipped rolling robot

One of the most fun smartphone accessories to come out of this year's Mobile World Congress expo has to be LG's Rolling Bot. It's a spherical ball that rolls around on command from a smartphone, and includes a camera and laser pointer.

galaxy s7 edge hero

Samsung focuses on gamers with new Galaxy S7 features

Record gameplay, snooze notifications, and save battery with built-in gaming functions. Oh, and Samsung says it's the first to ship with Vulkan support, too.

mit neural chip 0

Beyond Centrino: Intel drives device changes for a 5G world

Intel sparked a wireless revolution in 2003 with its Centrino program to connect laptops over Wi-Fi, and now the emerging 5G standard could bring another big change in the way devices communicate.


Acer turns its attention towards car tech

Acer is venturing outside PCs with new products to make sure car software can be updated in an effort to prevent accidents can be prevented.

sony mwc xperiax

Sony's new Xperia X series injects more intelligence into smartphones

Sony's new Xperia X Series features thin, light smartphones with feature touches that include what Sony calls "layers of intelligent technology."


Sony’s new concepts include a creepy miniature camera and a high-tech projector

Sony’s Xperia Eye, Projector, and Agent could fuel your sci-fi fantasies (or nightmares).

LG's nifty rolling robot trundles around

Around it goes! LG's rolling bot will keep watch on your home ... at least until the stairs

matebook 0897

5 things to know about the MateBook, Huawei's first-ever Windows device

Huawei and Windows 10? It's a new category for the Chinese manufacturer, but this 12-inch tablet seems like a promising, cheaper alternative to the competition.

lenovo yoga 710 11 inch silver tent mode

The $499 Lenovo Yoga 710 brings 360-degree versatility to budget users

The Yoga 710 is portable and productive, and it can rotate 360 degrees on its hinge. Not bad for an affordable small laptop.

Hands-on with the Huawei MateBook, its clever MatePen, and all the accessories

The MateBook's style, thoughtful add-ons, and huge battery could give Surface Pro a run for its money.

The Panasonic Toughpad N1

Panasonic's rugged Toughpad series expands into heavy-duty phones that take a beating

Panasonic is branching out from its ruggedized computer and tablet roots, announcing a pair of new smartphones on Monday at Mobile World Congress.

LG G5 module

LG's smartphone modules explained

LG's G5 smartphone accepts hardware modules that expand features.

fivetotry sept11 lead

Apple’s GPU designer aims to bring high-power graphics to low-cost phones

The designer of the graphics chips for the iPhone 6s and HTC One M9+ is setting its sights lower for its next generation of products, a move that spells good news for mobile gamers with a smaller budget.

epson moverio bt300

Epson's latest smart glasses pack an OLED display into a light package

Epson announced an update to its Moverio smart glasses on Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, bringing a nice but incremental enhancement to a device that’s aimed at enterprise users and consumers alike.

nokia lumia icon

What's left of Nokia is in no rush to roll out new phones

Nokia is looking for a licensee to make a phone carrying its brand, but it's not an urgent mission at the mobile network behemoth.

20160221 nokia rajeev suri

Next-gen 5G data tech could be done long before 2020

5G mobile technology will start to get defined "in real terms" by the end of this year, Suri said at a press briefing Sunday on the eve of Mobile World Congress.

Hands on: LG 360 VR and 360 Cam

LG's obligatory new VR headset feels cut-rate.


Huawei jumps into Windows PCs with the sleek, Surface-like MateBook

Huawei is getting back into the Windows game, but this time it's with a PC.

adobe under armour

Adobe rolls out new enterprise app creation service

Adobe has merged two of its app development services into one in an attempt to help businesses easily build professional-looking apps, without requiring a whole lot of coding know-how.