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Berlin court: Apple's privacy policy violates German data protection law

Apple violates German data protection law by asking for users' broad, overall consent in its privacy policy, the Regional Court of Berlin ruled.

EU data protection vote delayed again

An important vote on the future of the European Union's privacy laws has been delayed again.

Stronger data privacy law may clash with law enforcement

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act reform bill advances to the Senate floor to better protect email privacy. Meanwhile a House subcommittee considers privacy protections for location data, data which some in law enforcement say is necessary to solve crimes.


Google's data removal requests increase 26 percent in second half of 2012

The number of government requests that Google has received to remove certain types of content, often politically charged, reached its highest level ever during the second half of 2012, the company reported Thursday.


Civil rights coalition says EU data protection bill threatens citizens' rights

A coalition of international civil liberties organizations on Thursday said that some of the proposed changes to Europe's data protection laws would strip citizens of their privacy rights.

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Senate committee limits government electronic surveillance

A U.S. Senate committee has approved legislation that would give more privacy protection from government surveillance for data stored in the cloud.

It’s privacy versus cybersecurity as CISPA bill arrives in Senate

What's more important, your online privacy or law enforcement's endless thirst for data? Congress must decide.

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EU parliament committee votes against air passenger data sharing bill

European politicians are at loggerheads following a vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday that rejected proposals to store information on airline passengers.

Senator rips self-regulatory do-not-track efforts

The U.S. online advertising industry has not lived up to a promise to stop the online tracking of Internet users who ask advertisers to do so, a senior U.S. senator said Wednesday.

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CISPA blackout fails to match 2012's SOPA/PIPA protest levels

Monday's CISPA blackout is limited to just a few sites and lacks the far-reaching impact of last year's SOPA/PIPA protests.


New Microsoft campaign promotes privacy prowess

After a series of smear ads lambasting Google's data privacy procedures, Microsoft has launched a new campaign highlighting its own privacy features.

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Germans fine Google for Wi-Fi snooping with Street View cars

Google must pay a $190,000 fine in Germany for gathering and storing emails, photos, passwords and chat protocols from unprotected Wi-Fi networks with Google Street View cars, Hamburg's Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information said on Monday.

Anonymous calls for Internet blackout to protest CISPA

Hacking group Anonymous asked websites to black out their front pages on Monday, in protest against legislation in the U.S. that would allow online companies and government agencies to more easily share personal information.

Get your privacy ducks in a row with DuckDuckGo

If you haven't tried the excellent DuckDuckGo yet, now's the time to take this privacy-conscious search engine for a spin.

US House moves toward passage of CISPA

The U.S. House of Representatives moved closer Wednesday toward the passage of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), despite concerns that the cyberthreat information-sharing bill will allow Web-based companies to share a wide amount of customer information with government agencies.