Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

Businesses and activists wrestle over California privacy bill

For privacy advocates, bill a 'foundational step,' but the Chamber of Commerce says proposed law goes too far.

As Mozilla turns 15, Firefox 20 debuts with new privacy features

The new Firefox for Android supports private browsing on a per-tab basis.

Google's privacy policy draws fire from Europe

Six European countries want the search giant to change its unified privacy policy. But that could have an impact on the services Google is able to offer because of all the data it collects from customers.

Privacy taking a backseat? Adware on Android on the rise

A study by Bitdefender says that adware aimed at devices running Android increased 61 percent over a five month period ending in January. And user privacy is taking a hit because of that, the security researcher contends.


gps global positioning

Bills would require warrants for police to use GPS tracking

A group of U.S. lawmakers has introduced legislation that would require law enforcement agencies to get court-ordered search warrants before obtaining a suspect's mobile phone location or GPS data, instead of using prosecution-issued subpoenas.


California senator pushes electronic privacy protection

Congress has let the Electronic Communications Privacy Act languish for decades, so a California state senator is urging the states to enact their own protections.

12 simple steps to safer social networking

Follow our privacy tips for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to ensure that you're not oversharing.

Microsoft details law enforcement requests in new report

Following similar disclosures from companies like Google and Twitter, Microsoft has for the first time released statistics about requests it has received from law enforcement agencies for data about its users, and the criteria it employs to decide how it will respond.

French students' group seeks $50M in criminal damages from Twitter

The French Union of Jewish Students filed a lawsuit seeking $50 million in criminal damages from Twitter and its CEO Dick Costolo over the company's failure to identify those responsible for a series of anti-Semitic posts last October. Twitter retorted that the union was "grandstanding."


Google Chrome: Best security tips for safer browsing

The browser's built-in security features are good but not perfect. Here's how to work around Chrome's shortcomings and protect yourself from attack.

Free credit report site appears to be source for celebrity data

A website that provides U.S. consumers with a free annual credit report appears to have been the source used by hackers to download those of celebrities including Beyonce and government officials including Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller.

Google to pay $7 million to US states for Wi-Fi eavesdropping

Google will pay $7 million to settle complaints from dozens of U.S. states about its unauthorized collection of personal data transmitted over Wi-Fi networks.

Reporters Without Borders slams five nations for spying on media, activists

Reporters Without Borders named five countries that regularly spy on journalists and dissidents, a practice the group contends is made possible with advanced technology from private companies.

Google Glass unwelcome at Seattle bar over privacy concerns

The proprietor says the people who frequent his bar don't want to be "secretly filmed or videotaped and immediately put on the Internet."

Google Glass app identifies friends by their clothing

Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated what may be the first app for Google Glass: InSight, which recognizes people by their clothing and clues in the wearer of Google's high-tech glasses.