Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

Tired of being pestered? Dodge data collectors with MaskMe's myriad tools

A new privacy tool called MaskMe may help people evade data harvesting efforts by websites and marketers.

BitTorrent Sync protects your files from Prism’s prying eyes

BitTorrent’s free file-syncing client is now open to the public with no caps on file size or sharing limits.

Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, and others plan July 4 protest against NSA surveillance

A large coalition of civil rights and privacy groups and potentially thousands of websites will stage protests on the Fourth of July to protest surveillance programs at the U.S. National Security Agency.

Google doesn't plan to change its privacy policy for Glass

Glass may be a revolutionary device, but that doesn't mean Google plans to overhaul its unified privacy policy to better accommodate the gadget.



U.S. senators demand to know extent and benefits of NSA spy program

A group of 26 U.S. senators, cutting across party lines, seek "public answers" on whether the National Security Agency collected in bulk other data in the U.S. besides phone records, such as credit card purchases and financial information.

mobile privacy

Malware-like program lets your Android phone spy on you

Researchers at Security Labs of Kindsight have developed a proof-of-concept program that can launch a spy program inside any Android app and monitor the user's actions through the phone.



How we sabotage our own privacy for deals and ego

A study from consulting firm Infosys shows consumers globally are far more relaxed about sharing their private data than we knew and far more relaxed than they should be

Here's what an eavesdropper sees when you use an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot

Use unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots much? You'll rethink that practice after we show you what can be captured from those connections.

Microsoft follows Google in legal fight to disclose government FISA requests

Microsoft is seeking permission to disclose "aggregate statistics" about the number of requests for data it receives under the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, following a similar move by Google earlier this month.

Privacy on Facebook

Prism implicates Facebook, Yahoo and others in Europe, student group charges

The U.S. government surveillance program known as Prism, which reportedly collects data from major technology companies, has compelled a European student group to file a barrage of complaints against the companies, claiming the data collection runs afoul of European privacy laws.

New Norton Mobile Security includes database of 4 million scanned Android apps

The Norton Mobile Insight database scans 10,000 new Android apps daily for security and privacy risks so users can make informed decisions about downloads.

Critics question whether NSA data collection is effective

The recently revealed mass collection of phone records and other communications by the U.S. National Security Agency may not be effective in preventing terrorism, according to some critics.

There is no "right to be forgotten" by search engines, says top EU court advisor

The senior advisor to Europe’s top court said Tuesday that Google is not responsible for third party information in its search results and that there is no universal “right to be forgotten” under the current data protection laws.

New privacy bill aimed at reforming FISA and the Patriot Act introduced in the Senate

New legislation aims to reform the Patriot and FISA Amendments Acts to apply greater oversight and control to the government's surveillance programs.


People can (shockingly) find your information on Facebook if it's public

A mobile developer has scraped more than 2.5 million phone numbers using Facebook's Graph Search to highlight alleged "security flaw," but users left those numbers public.