Don't-Miss Privacy Stories

Use a Google Voice phone number to keep your personal number private

Google's free service might just be the ultimate 'disposable' phone number for online activities.


Why IT security pros can be scarier than the 'bad guys'

Forget about hackers and phishers. Big business wants your personal data, and your privacy is just a hurdle to be surmounted.

Get ready for Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is rolling out a new people search engine. Here’s how it works and how you can prepare.


Wireless operators turn an eye to the personal data business

Just like social networks, phone carriers will walk the line between selling valuable data and compromising their subscribers' privacy. introduces invitation-only free accounts

Starting today, you can get into for free—provided you know somebody who already uses the social network.


Drones a target of U.S. House bill

Legislation that is being pursued specifies that the government would need a warrant to collect information in a private place using a drone.

How to sacrifice your online privacy for fun and profit

Companies buy and sell your private data every day. Should you remain a passive observer, or jump into the action yourself? Welcome to the dark side of the data economy.

Flickr bug makes users' private photos public

Flickr users are livid over a recent bug causing their private photos to be made public.

Get notified when a site's terms of service change

Docracy tracks TOS agreements for nearly a thousand popular services—and lists the latest updates.

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Mobile apps should disclose privacy practices, FTC says

Mobile app developers should provide real-time disclosures to users on the personal information they collect and get permission to collect sensitive information, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recommended.

FTC report suggests ways to improve mobile privacy

A new Federal Trade Commission report recommends best practices for mobile operating systems, app developers, and ad networks.


'Fair data' logo promotes ethical standards for collecting consumer data

Consumers worried about how their personal data might be misused by private and public sector organizations can from today look for a new Fair Data™ logo to calm their worries, the Market Research Society (MRS) has announced.

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Google vows to push legal reforms to protect user privacy

In recognition of Data Privacy Day, search giant Google spells out its efforts to protect and inform consumers about intrusions into their online lives.

Tracking tech abounds, but emerging tools offer a shield

It’s not just the FBI and Facebook that are harvesting people’s facial measurements; drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, may someday use the technology as well.


Facebook Graph Search is an awesome tool for phishing attacks

Facebook Graph Search makes it easier for cyber criminals to gather relevant details that can be used to target phishing attacks more effectively.