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Google outages this week blamed on sign-in system

A malfunctioning log-in system affected millions of people's ability to access a variety of Google applications on Wednesday, including Gmail and Drive.

Digital Public Library of America moves to gather public documents into one database

Digital Public Library of America aims to collect public knowledge


Keep your calendar out of the cloud with Efficient Calendar

Efficient Calendar pulls the best of Microsoft Outlook's calendar functions into a standalone app, but don't expect significant data portability.

Serious LibreOffice update fixes 54 bugs

File import and export are improved in the new stability-focused LibreOffice 3.6.6.

Feedly Laptop

A week with Feedly: A Google Reader junkie's journey

After an extended test drive, a longtime Reader addict finds Feedly to be a more-than-serviceable replacement.


Microsoft updates calendar with Metro look, greater connectivity

Microsoft is rolling out a new calendar for starting today, sporting the new Metro look and a raft of improvements to the seriously outdated prior version.

Tax time! We name the best PC-based solutions for filing your returns

Web-based filing may tempt you, but more complex financial situations require full-fledged software.

Ready for a new Google Docs alternative? Meet open source OX Documents

First to arrive will be a word-processing component enabling multidevice editing and collaboration on major text document formats.

End is in sight for free Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

The party will soon be over for anyone enjoying the free Office 365/Office 2013 Preview, and Microsoft is getting serious about convincing people to buy or subscribe.

After Reader, which Google services will be next to fall?

Even if you won't miss Google Reader, its untimely demise should leave you worried about the future of other Google products.


Google same-day shipping service may be difficult for search giant to pull off

If Google truly plans to get into same-day shipping, it'll head down a path that has felled other major e-tailers—but the benefits to the Google ecosystem could be huge if the company pulls it off.

How to survive inevitable cloud failures

Sure, the cloud delivers awesome benefits like file synchronization, Netflix, and Gmail. But you'd be an idiot to rely on it completely. Here's how to mitigate the biggest risks associated with the cloud.

AppMachine unveils do-it-yourself visual app builder beta for beginners

Have an idea for a mobile app, but lack the development chops? AppMachine can help.


Review: Get software directly from the vendor with a single click with DDownloads

DDownloads helps you download popular programs straight from the source. It's free, and for the programs on its list, it works well. dumps "Preview" tag, preps for mass Hotmail migration, Microsoft's new-look Webmail service, has exited the preview stage after gathering 60 million users in six months. Next up: Migrating all current Hotmail users to by this summer.