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U.S. Postal Service gives in to Internet; moves to kill Saturday mail delivery

The USPS continues to struggle with its place in the world as e-mail, online banking, IM, BlackBerry Messenger, Whatsapp, and Facebook replace so-called “snail mail” for sending photos to grandma, paying bills, and checking up on friends.


bing apps

Microsoft releases free Bing apps for Office 365

Five new add-ons for Office 365 let you search the Web within a Word doc, add Bing maps to your files, and spell words phonetically.

Not ready for Office 2013? Here are five open alternatives

These free and open source options deliver many of the same features at a very compelling price.

BitTorrent invites testers to help fine tune its new Sync file-sharing program

BitTorrent asked Thursday for crowd-sourcing ideas from its more than 100 million users for a new program for file sharing across multiple computers called Sync.

Office Web Apps v. Google Docs: Which suite works best for you?

Many people seeking free online word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations turn to Google Docs. But will Microsoft's Office Web Apps do the job?

Internet gear on aircraft licensing being eased

The new rules should result in quicker deployments and more competition among in-flight Internet systems.

Windows 8 first-month sales outpacing Windows 7, but who's really buying?

Microsoft claims 40 million licenses sold since launch, but that number raises some questions.

Novatel's latest mobile hotspot helps business travelers stay connected

The new MiFi2 Liberate has emerged as one of the top gadgets for portable productivity. Here's how it can help today's road warrior.

10 great Google tools you need in your business workflow

Google's ever-expanding offerings include all sorts of goodies for business users. Here are a few beyond the obvious docs and productivity apps.

Office 365 email conks out twice within a week

Two email outages within one week of each other prevented emails from reaching inboxes.

Review: Wieldy aims to help you get things done

Wieldy is a free task manager that works to help you get things done. Unfortunately, learning how to use it is a job in itself.

Samsung's Galaxy S III outsells the iPhone 4S

Of course, sales figures alone don't tell the entire story. Ultimately, many buyers prize productivity over brands.

The iPad Mini: Deal or no deal?

Users are weighing the pros and cons of Apple's new tablet, starting with its controversially high price.

10 awesome new additions in Office 2013

Office 2013 combines functional improvements with cloud integration and support for touchscreens. Here are the changes that matter the most.

AOL’s Alto adds visual organization to e-mail

AOL is no longer the e-mail and messaging giant it once was, but the company on Thursday launched a new management tool to bring its e-mail service back to the forefront.