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High-tech 2013: The 10 biggest news events of the year

Apple. T-Mobile. Microsoft. And what's going on with PCs? The biggest tech news stories of 2013 may be far-flung, but they were all fantastically momentous.

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The year's 13 greatest tech comebacks and epic wins

Bitcoin. The Surface Pro 2. GIFs! Against all odds, these unknowns and underdogs became leaders of the pack in 2013.

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Tech's biggest flops, fails, and faux pas of 2013

We list all that went wrong--oh, so very wrong--during 2013.

Wipro, HP top Greenpeace list of green electronics companies

Apple ranking drops with low marks on supply chain emissions, product life cycles.

Apple to open new Beijing store on Saturday

Apple plans to open a new company store in Beijing this coming Saturday, ahead of a likely launch of the iPhone 5 in this large market for the company.